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Gene Haas: Five million for Leclerc are too little

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Sports

05. September 2017 – 17:04

Haas would not let Leclerc drive his team despite his five million-dice

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(cafetheology.org) – Ferrari is keen to bring his junior Antonio Giovinazzi and Charles Leclerc, who decided to win the Formula 2 championship so confidently, in the coming season in Formula 1, so that they can be recommended for higher tasks. Since the Scuderia with Haas and Sauber two customer teams, this should be possible. But now Teamboss Gene Haas makes it clear that his team is not so easy to use. "As a business model, this does not really make sense," says the US American. What exactly does he mean? "It's no secret that it costs $ 60 million to get a car off the road for a season, so if someone gives you a driver – and I do not just talk about Ferrari – and five or six million US dollars Dollar, then 55 million are still missing, "explains Haas. "It's not really a good idea to have a partner or a paydriver," he says. "Instead, we want to make money through sporting successes:" It has always been our point that we have to score points improve and earn money, which is our business model. " What Steiner is saying is that, last year, the Mexican Esteban Gutierrez, the second Haas-Boliden, took the lead in the second Haas-Boliden, which was supported by the Italian team as a Ferrari-testpilot. The success was limited, however: Gutierrez did not win a single World Cup in 21 Grands Prix Point and was matched with season-ending. Steiner's statements make it clear that the two Ferrari talents are fighting for a place at Sauber in the coming season. Bad luck for Pascal Wehrlein, who has to go somewhere else.


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