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Gear Fit2 Pro: Samsung Introduces Wearable for Swimmers

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | Gadgets

Samsung has presented the Fitness Wearable Gear Fit2 Pro at the Ifa 2017. The device represents a further development of the Gear Fit2 and is intended to address users who want to use the Wearable in the water.

    The Gear Fit Pro from Samsung is almost identical to its predecessor, but is waterproof up to 5 atm. (Picture: Martin Wolf / Golem.de)

The Gear Fit Pro is waterproof to 5 atm, so it can also be used for longer swimming or other water sports. The predecessor had only one certification according to IP68, which guarantees only a water seal up to a depth of one meter and a usage time of a maximum of 30 minutes.
Equipment up to water tightness identical to the previous model
The Gear Fit2 Pro is similar to its predecessor: the display is again 1.5 inches in size and has a resolution of 432 x 216 pixels. Inside, a dual-core processor operates at a clock rate of 1 GHz; The internal memory is 4 GBytes, the memory 512 MByte. Users can store Spotify offline playlists on Wearable.
The Gear Fit2 Pro supports Bluetooth in version 4.2 and WLAN according to 802.11b / g / n. A GPS sensor is installed, an NFC chip does not have the wearable. The built-in battery has a nominal charge of 200 mAh and should require daily charging. The heart rate monitor measures the heart rate once every second.
Design remains unchanged
The design of the Wearables is the same as the predecessor: The display of the Gear Fit Pro is bent and edge mounted, which is why ads are mostly scrolled from top to bottom. The wearable now has a proper clasp as with a normal watch and should not slip in the water from the wrist.

The Gear Fit Pro will cost 230 euros and will be available in Germany from 15 September 2017 onwards.


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