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Gasly confirms Toro-Rosso-Chance: "Hopefully in Sepang"

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Sports

11. September 2017 – 12:05

The Gedundsprobe seems to end: Pierre Gasly is facing the Formula 1 Debt

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(cafetheology.org) – Like 'cafetheology.org' on Saturday, Toro Rosso driver Carlos Sainz will switch to Renault – possibly this season before the Grand Prix of Malaysia, in a kind of cow trade with the French , The small Red Bull team does not have to adhere to the engine contract with Renault and can start with Honda drive units already in the coming season, which in turn freed McLaren's way to Renault engines. Now confirmed Red Bull's newcomer Pierre Gasly, that Sainz is on his way to Renault and his Formula 1 premiere for Toro Rosso – as reported by Motorsport – Totals.com – could actually be held in Sepang. "I've heard of it, and the details are being worked on," the Frenchman said, replacing Sainz, who took his second win in the Super Formula race at Autopolis this weekend. Gasly is expecting an early confirmation : "There could be something going on in the coming days, there could be news, I really hope I can go in Malaysia." For the 21-year-old, things are going to be a lot: after his GP2 title last year, which he entered in the third year, he was not considered by Toro Rosso for the 2017 season. Instead, the contract of the Russian Daniil Kwjat has been extended. Now he has to prove that he has earned his place in the Knightsklasse der Motorsports, because next to Kwjat also the Japanese Honda-Schtzling Nobuharu Matsuhita next season for a cockpit with the team from Faenza in question. The current sixth place in the Formula 2 standings finished a Formula One test for Sauber in Budapest and could still be used at a Friday training session – possibly in Suzuka – at Toro Rosso.Gasly wants to be in spite of all difficulties his goal absolutely "It is my dream to get into Formula 1. And I do everything I can to make sure I get it."


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