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"fters so": Rikknen by Ricciardo-Torpedo not surprised

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Sports

03. September 2017 to 20:13

Kimi Rikknen experienced a lot of action in turn 1

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(cafetheology.org) – Kimi Rikknen did not have to worry about happy faces in the garage at the Ferrari home race in Monza. Although the Finn had a few tight squats, but in the end he landed only on a colorless fifth place. Rikknen had to struggle with balance problems on the rear axle and finally came back with a one minute rebate. "The whole weekend was not easy," he complains following the Grand Prix. "In some rounds, it felt better, but most of the time we were missing the grip and the pace to do something." Especially at the end of the turns, Rikknes did not get in, giving him a lot of time and in the direct fight some Positions. "I never had really good runs on the straight," he sighs. "Besides, I sometimes turned almost," he continues. "When I wanted to go in the corners, I lost the car." The start from his point of view actually did quite well. Rikknen came past Valtteri Bottas and could even make Lance Stroll in turn 2. "But I was not really sure," he says. "I thought it was a bit too risky." The Finn decided to stay behind the Canadians, but Bottas was already back, and the two of them were briefly touched. In the second chicane, Rikknes kept the upper hand, but Bottas was over when he reached Parabolica. "We could go back but we did not have the train again." Ferrari had no chance against Mercedes today, but it should get even worse. Team colleague Sebastian Vettel moved past a small mistake in the second chicane, and later Daniel Ricciardo also fled in the Red Bull – and that is literally. "He was a long way away, but he was on fresh, softer tires," says Rikknen, not having been surprised by the attack. Ricciardo would do this for a moment: "With more fresh tires, he is pushing a little bit," said the Ferrari driver, who did not want to hold back because he did not have the speed to fight and knew that the Australian would go anyway sooner or later "If I wanted to hold him for a round desperately behind me, I could have done it, but in my back head I had that I did not have enough speed and he would cash me anyway." And so Rikknen finally drove to the finish line five times …


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