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Fraud: Consumer Center Warns Against Fake Youporn Dunning

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | Gadgets

The Consumer Center in Rhineland-Palatinate is currently warning against fake Youporn warnings. Numerous people had turned to alleged bills about the use of the portal to the headquarters, write the consumer protectionists. The e-mails are sent in the name of the law firm Auer Witte Thiel from Munich. The lawyers write on their website that they "cover all facets of modern claims management from a single source." In the case of a superficial search, the payment requirements could therefore be quite genuine.

The law firm has confirmed according to the consumer protectionists that appropriate mail forgeries are, also on the website and with the hotline of the attorneys are found appropriate warnings. "Those concerned should not be intimidated by the reminder and do not pay the required amount," said Barbara Steinhöfel, Telecommunications and Digital Media Director at the Consumer Center. Whoever receives such a mail should rather report to the police.
Reminder of 'Wondo GmbH & Co KG'
The counterfeit warning is handled by the company name Wondo GmbH & Co KG, the receivers are to pay 207 euros. As with other spam and phishing attacks, the mails should be "deceptively genuine". SPF (Sender Policy Framework) can be used to prevent spam mails, which can make the sending of spam mails on behalf of a domain more difficult.
Criminal campaigns are becoming more refined. Finally, on behalf of Amazon, fraudsters had sent requests to re-enter their own data on the basis of the provisions of the EU Data Protection Code, thus creating an event that is of great interest to many users.


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