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Frankfurt admits hospitals and old people's homes

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | World News

One day before the disarmament of a world war bomb in Frankfurt, the largest evacuation in the history of the Federal Republic has begun in the banking city.

Patients from two hospitals in the barrier zone were relocated on Saturday as spokesmen from the police and fire brigade reported. "Up to now there were no problems," said a police officer. Apart from the two hospitals, ten retirement homes must be vacated.

Among the cleared hospitals, the largest birthplace of Hesse is the Frankfurter Bürgerhospital. From there, the last baby has now been moved, as Steffen Kunzmann, chief physician of neonatology, said in the morning. Already since Thursday, because of the defuse of a world war bomb on Sunday, newborns had been transported away. "The solidarity of the surrounding hospitals is fantastic and everyone has immediately offered their support," said Kunzmann. A total of 20 babies were affected.

Hospital should be vacated by 6 pm
"When laying, it is important that all patients, not just the newborns, can be treated at the level at which they are also treated in the citizens' hospital," emphasized Uwe Schweigkofler. The chief physician of the emergency and rescue team of the Frankfurt Accident Clinic, which is responsible for displacing the majority of the adult patients, directs the evacuation of the citizen hospital. On Saturday, more than 100 patients had to be moved from the 320-bed house, according to the clinic. The action should be completed by 6 pm.

Patients of the community hospital are transferred to another hospital because the hospital has to be evacuated because of a bombing on Sunday. (Source: Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa)

 Because of the defuse of the airmines discovered at the University campus Westend, which is about 1.8 tons, on Sunday a total of more than 60,000 citizens have to leave their houses and apartments. To prevent burglars and other criminals from exploiting this, the police will be on the road with more forces than usual in the affected areas on Saturday.

Bombing also in Koblenz
In Koblenz too, patients were taken from a hospital in the barrier zone to other clinics because of the defacement of a world war bomb. The 500-pound US air bomb was successfully defused on Saturday afternoon.

21,000 people had to leave their apartments in the morning. After an hour or so, the bomb had been successfully defused, and shortly after 4 pm local residents could return home.

Some refused to evacuate
The evacuation of the area around the site, which had been going on since early morning, was not completed until 15.25 in the afternoon. Some residents had initially refused to leave their apartments. Subsequently, experts of the mines cleansing started to defuse the bomb discovered on a construction site.

Two old people's homes, a hospital and a prison had to be cleared. There were no trains for several hours at the railway station and Moselweiß station. The police, the fire brigade and the aid organizations were on the scene. The bomb had been discovered on the site last Monday.


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