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Frank Williams can no longer travel to Formula One racing

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Sports

11 September 2017 – 15:05
Claire Williams makes it clear that her father is no longer able to travel – Frank Williams' passion for motor racing is unbroken

Frank Williams must now look at the Formula 1 races from home

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(cafetheology.org) – A veteran of the Formula 1 can no longer enjoy it: Frank Williams, meanwhile 75 years old, the races nowadays have to look out of the domestic living room. This is confirmed by his daughter Claire Williams, who has successively taken over the leadership of the racing team, which he had built up over the past years. Frank Williams, however, is doing well and his passion for motor racing is unbroken, adds. "If I see him now with 75, still passionate about his sport … It's a pity he can not travel, but he still loves it as much as on the first day, "says the 41-year-old against the 'Bild am Sonntag'. Sir Frank Williams had been admitted to the hospital at the end of 2016 because of an intervention at the back and then fell ill with a lung inflammation. He conquered the disease and has since been "quite the same", as Claire already tied in November 2016. She admits, however, that you miss something on the track: "When I see how my family has changed, then miss I'm not here, my parents are not here, I grew up here and remember that Mom and Dad were always there, they are not anymore, now I'm just me. " At the 2017 Grand Prix, no member of the Williams family will be sitting at the command center for the first time since Austin 2014. Claire takes a babypause.Traum of the victory lives despite the frustrating season. Since the season 2013, they are taking over the responsibility of the Williams team more and more , Claire Williams has already experienced numerous ups and downs – from the magical resurgence of the team in the Formula 1 season 2014 to his relapse into the rear midfield in the current season. "The season is disappointing and really frustrating," she admits. "Obviously, there are teams that have just made a much better job in the development of their cars than we do." Williams is struggling in the development race against workmen like Renault and McLaren, who have much greater resources, but also has the pain in the Mercedes customer base against Force India. "Alone in the last one or two years, the Formula 1 has changed a lot," she says. "Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes with all this money, without cost cover, without new engine regulations, without new manufacturers, which are just there – there are simply so many forces that oppose us there." However, she also attaches to the future of the team "I will never let my dream that Williams will win again, for the moment you let this flame go you will be able to pack your things and go home, and I will not be here." Your father should be proud …



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