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France – President Macron wants to reform the labor market News

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | Economy

Both in France and abroad, the plans are seen as a test of whether Macron can implement its more comprehensive economic reforms. Although Macron's predecessors have been struggling for a labor market reform for decades, they have always deviated strongly from their respective projects after mass protests.
The government wants to pass the decrees on 22 September. The following are the main points:
Small companies
In companies with fewer than 20 employees, the employer should be able to negotiate directly with the employees on working conditions – even without trade unions. With fewer than 50 employees and unions, the employees should choose a representative who then negotiates with employers.
Mutual dissolution of employment contracts
The possibility of dissolving employment contracts by mutual agreement was introduced in 2008 to avoid lengthy procedures for employers. Employees, on the other hand, do not have to give up unemployment benefits. Among the new plans, several employees will now be able to join forces to negotiate winding-up agreements.
Technical errors in the case of notice of termination shall no longer lead to the termination being not justified. A new form of termination is to be introduced. The number of advisory bodies for employees is to be reduced.
Reasons for redundancies
In the case of redundancies, the company must be economically in difficulty not only in France, but also in other countries. In the future, the situation in France will be sufficient to be able to terminate there due to operational reasons. This will help France adapt to other European countries and make it easier to remove foreign companies in France.
Severance payments are to be covered in the future. This should also shorten the processes in disputes. Employees can take action against their dismissal within one year, so far they have had two years to do so. In return, severance payments are to be increased by 25 percent.


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