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Four out of ten German companies are not prepared for hacker attacks

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Gadgets

Only the fewest German companies are prepared for digital economic espionage, sabotage or data theft. This is the result of a recent survey by the digital association Bitkom. According to this, only four out of ten companies have an emergency plan that specifies what should be done if the security systems report an attack on the IT systems.

          It makes little difference to which industry the company comes from. Even the operators of so-called critical infrastructures (KRITIS), such as energy suppliers or financial service providers, are hardly better prepared than the other sectors according to Bitkom. For example, 53 percent of KRITIS companies have an emergency plan, while non-KRITIS companies account for 41 percent. For the study, which is to be representative of the overall economy, 1,069 executives and security officers were interviewed across all sectors. The smaller the company, the more neglected the issue of cybersecurity. According to Bitkom, the large companies with more than 500 employees have an emergency management system of around two-thirds (68%), 61% of medium-sized companies with between 100 and 499 employees and even 40% of smaller companies with between 10 and 99 employees prepared. "The leaders in the company should recognize that the threat of digital attacks is real," says Bitkom President Achim Berg. The Digital Association advises German companies to establish an operational emergency management, which establishes immediate measures in writing when, for example, the production is due to digital attacks fails. This can be the creation of a contact list with the most important contact persons or the introduction of multi-day exercises. The aim of such a plan is to prevent cyber attacks as quickly as possible and to protect sensitive company data. ron





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