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Four-headed family shot dead in France

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | World News

A French policeman shot his wife and two of the five children together at a provincial station before committing suicide. The prosecutor's office in Compiègne north of Paris announced that the woman had announced "that she wanted to leave him".

  The two killed children were three and five years old, a third child had the bloodtat on the station of Noyon, but was not injured by the shots.

The drama had evidently been marked. On Sunday morning, policemen were summoned to the couple's house. The woman described her separation intentions, the man was absent at this time. When he returned later and "quietly", according to the descriptions of prosecutor Virginie Girard, it was agreed that a neighbor should bring the mother with the three children to Noyon, while the two other children remained with neighbors.

When the group was waiting on the platform, the husband emerged and fired the fatal shots. The child, who witnessed and survived the bloodshed, is a five-year-old girl whose twin was shot.

In an initial statement from the prosecutor's office, an unknown person had shot a family of four. The connections were clarified in the course of the day.


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