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Founder's location USA becomes more unattractive for Germans

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | Gadgets

After the office of Donald Trump, the US has become more unattractive as a founder location for the Germans. This is the result of a recent survey commissioned by the digital association Bitkom among more than 250 start-up founders in Germany. On the other hand, the proportion of those who would build up a company here has risen.

          Asked, in which country they would start a new start-up, only 15 percent gave the USA in response. Last year, before Donald Trump's entry, it was still 32 percent. A little over two-thirds (68 percent) of the founders would start their start-up again in Germany, a year ago it was only 44 percent. In general, German founders would go back at any time and start their own start-up. Ninety-five percent of respondents report this. 8 out of 10 founders (79 percent) would also recommend other young people to start a start-up. At the same time, one out of every three founders (31 per cent) said that he was afraid to start with his start-up and thus to be a failure. "Who does not come to the goal deserves respect for the courage, something daring "Said Bitkom President Achim Berg. The survey, whose results are now published in the" Start-up Report 2017 ", also highlights the fact that two thirds of the" Start-ups (64 percent) have created new jobs last year. In the current year, three quarters (77 percent) want to hire additional employees. On average, every start-up in Germany currently has 18 employees. A year ago there were only 15 employees. ron





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