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Formula One Test Budapest: Ferrari Junior Leclerc in front of Vandoorne

Friday, August 4th, 2017 | Sports

01. August 2017 – 18:06

Ferrari's newcomer, Charles Leclerc, is looking forward to the best time

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(cafetheology.org) – Ferrari Junior Charles Leclerc has secured the fastest time on the first day of the second-day test at the Hungaroring. The Ferrari Junior rounded the course in 1: 17.746 minutes under extremely hot conditions, making him the fastest man of the day of the day in Budapest. "It was great," says Leclerc, who was able to test a new diffuser for the SF70H, among other things , He spooled on more or less problem-free laps on Tuesday 98 and was one of the more diligent pilots of the day. "It is something very special, which can not be described with words," the Monegasse, which offers opportunities for a Formula One cockpit for 2018, radiates.Vandoorne was minimally faster on his personal fastest lap than during the weekend qualifying He qualified his McLaren to ninth place with a time of 1: 17.894 minutes. The day for McLaren-Honda did not run smoothly again. Shortly before midday at 13:00 clock the MCL32 rolled out with a leak at the drive once. In the afternoon, however, Vandoorne could drive again.Bottas tested for Pirelli Overall, the best times of the Grand Prix weekend were quite clearly missed. On Saturday Sebastian Vettel had secured the pole position with a time of 1: 16.276 minutes. At Mercedes, junior driver George Russell sat for the first time in the W08. With 1.485 seconds behind, the current GP3-Series took fourth place. Russell will also return to the Silver Arrow on Wednesday. Mercedes was the only team to have two cars on Tuesday. In addition to Russell, Vamteri Bottas were also the first to take the title. With a time of 1: 18.732 minutes he ranked third. The Finn, however, ran out of competition as a matter of fact, as he drove tire tests for Pirelli throughout the day. He already tested the prototypes for the 2018 season and, as the most diligent pilot of the day, completed a total of 155 laps. At Force India, Nikita Masepin (6./+ 2,164) and Lucasauer (9./+ 2,817) shared the work. The Formula 3 driver tested the VJM10 in the morning, while in the afternoon the DTM driver from Austria sat for the first time at the wheel of a Formula 1 car. Also on Wednesday, the two will share the service again, the main pilots Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon are already in the summer vacation.Problems with Red Bull and Toro RossoWilliams had to re-plan after the failure of Felipe Massa. Instead of the Brazilian, Lance Stroll (5./+2,120) sat on the FW40 on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Formula 2 driver Luca Ghiotto will take over the helm. According to technical director Paddy Lowe, the team uses the second-day test to test some "significant" changes. Hungary is considered to be a fear of Williams, the race there ended after a messy weekend without points. For Red Bull the test day started shortly after 9:00 am directly with a setback. Because of a problem with the MGU-K, Max Verstappen (11./+3,482) almost missed the entire morning session and was only able to get back on the track just before the one-hour lunch break at 13:00. At the end of the day, he took only 58 laps. On Wednesday, Red Bull junior Pierre Gasly will take over the RB13. There were also problems with sister team Toro Rosso, where Formula 2 driver Sean Gelael (8th / + 2.595) was at the wheel. After 18 rounds the STR12 also rolled out with a problem in the morning. In the afternoon, however, Gelael was able to continue his program as planned. He tested among other things a new T-wing. On Wednesday, he has to give the car to the two pilots Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kwjat. Many junior drivers at the startThe difficulties also apparently at the Renault factory: Formula 2 driver Nicholas Latifi (7./+ 2.556) brought it only 54 rounds In the afternoon only in the last hour. The cause is not known. With the French, all eyes on Robert Kubica rested anyway. The Pole will not be able to get into the car until Wednesday, but she could see what Latifi could do in the RS17 at close range. The US American Santino Ferrucci (10th / +3,439) was on the wheel at Haas and spooled A total of 102 laps. Except for a spin in the afternoon, there was no major incident with him. He will also be back in the VF-17 on Wednesday. Sauber sent Tuesday's Formula 2 driver Gustav Malja (12/3/3.757) to the track, on Wednesday, Honda's junior pilot Nobuharu Matsushita will take over. On Wednesday, the teams will have another eight hours to make a last time before The summer break. Dangers will be again from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00. Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen will also be there. The two will share the test work at Ferrari. At McLaren, Formula 3 driver Lando Norris will take over.


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