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Formula 1 without top-three teams: Seven winners in twelve races!

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Sports

01. September 2017 – 07:58

Colorful change at the top: So the Formula 1 would be without top 3 teams

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(cafetheology.org) – Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull seem to be devoted to the rest of the Formula 1 world for light years. The top three teams have won 939 World Cup points in the 2017 season – equivalent to 77.5 percent of the champions who were awarded in 12 Grands Prix. With Williams-Youngster Lance Stroll, only one driver, who does not belong to the "Big Six", has made a podium visit – at the chaos race in Baku. But if the stag walkers were not there, Haas team boss Gnther Steiner would like to illustrate how close it is to the Formula 1 midfield: "If you take the top 3 teams away, all teams will be The Sauber had already been on the podium, "says the South Tyrolean. He's right. As we have already stated, each team had a race win, apart from the Swiss, as well, with Force India three times with Sergio Perez (Russia, Spain and Canada), Toro Rosso twice with Carlos Sainz (China and Monaco), Renault twice with Nico Hlkenberg (Great Britain and Belgium), Williams twice with Felipe Massa (Australia and Bahrain) and once with Stroll (Azerbaijan) and Haas with Romain Grosjean (Austria). Even McLaren would have met with Fernando Alonso (Hungary). Seven of the seven riders from the three established teams are Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Valtteri Bottas and Daniel Ricciardo. On the podium were seven men from four teams, while nine drivers from six were without the help of Mercedes, Ferraris and Red Bulls. A value that has only rarely been achieved in the recent past. There has been a lot of variety in the Formula 1 since the year 2012 no more. "It changes from race to race," emphasizes Steiner and, just as then, the unpredictability of the Pirelli tires is responsible for the fluctuations: "There are no technical reasons, it is only about who on which tracks and at which temperatures the tires Better to work. " Even within the race weekends, the relationship of the sport was partly dramatic.

Esteban Ocon and Sergio Perez would play a teaminated World Cup duel

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The overall World Championship score of the constructors, however, would be a lonely matter. In the table without the top three teams, Force India (349 points) would set the scene before the four-pack Williams (188), Toro Rosso (178), Haas (176) and Renault (173). It is clear that the relations are similar to those of the real ones, but at the top it would be more noticeable. In our fictitious scenario, the battle for the driver's car would be a two- Who have delivered three collisions in 2017 and a stun gun. Stand after the Belgium race: 180: 169 for the Mexicans. Sainz, Hlkenberg (each 127), Massa (121) and Grosjean (108) would be in third place, with the prospect of closing the gap to the pines. This also means that the fans would have to do without a title duel between pilots of two different constructors.


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