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Formula 1 Spa 2017: Vettel misses opportunity against Hamilton

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Sports

27. August 2017 – 15:29

Lewis Hamilton rejoices at the important victory at the Grand Prix of Belgium

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(cafetheology.org) – Lewis Hamilton has won the Grand Prix of Belgium, leaving the Formula 1 World Cup 2017, in which he now has only seven points on Sebastian Vettel. The Mercedes driver won the race in Spa-Francorchamps 2.4 seconds ahead of his Ferrari rival and 10.8 seconds ahead of Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull). Vettel had basically three great chances to win: First the start. In fact, he stuck through Eau Rouge in the wind shadow of the leading silver arrow. Second, the strategy. Hamilton came in the twelfth, Vettel in the 14th round to the pit stop – but this increased the margin even from 1.9 to 3.5 seconds. And third, the rest. "After the restart," Vettel said, "I missed a bit of the steering wheel," he admits. "I was afraid that I would not be close enough, but I was too close at the end, so I had to lick on the hill, he took a little gas out of Eau Rouge to provoke it, so I'm not quite happy. "Despite the missed chance at the restart in round 34 Vettel was able to speculate with the victory for the last eleven laps. For the second box stop made possible by the safety car, Mercedes switched to the hardest soft-, Ferrari, on the other hand, to the softest Ultrasoft-Pirelli. "I've waited every lap for Lewis to make a mistake," sighs Vettel. A hairy situation, however, was already the round before the safety car rest, when Hamilton dictated the pace and Vettel As close as possible. Hamilton drove the stop & go game to the limit, several times the two almost touched each other. "We have been thinking about the collision in Baku," said Mercedes-Sportchef Toto Wolff, "at the moment both of us probably thought of it, and we too, but Lewis knows exactly what to do." During the restart, the fight for the victory did not have any impact , The fight for third place was decidedly on lap 34 – in the case of the wind shadows before Les Combes. Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull) had a better ending in the three kicks against Kimi Rikknen (Ferrari) and Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) .Bottas drove by then to a supposedly safe third place and is therefore "very disappointed" about the inattentive moment , Which costs him important World Cup points. And also Landsmann Rikknen did not experience a perfect afternoon. The "Iceman" hit the full heir of the (FIA) law, when he had to sit a stop & go penalty (ten seconds) – because of ignoring double-yellow. A misdemeanor since the Bianchi accident in Suzuka "The car was half behind the guard rails, I do not think it was dangerous, it's quite superfluous, as sometimes they give penalties." Esteban Ocon (9./Force India) and Nico Hlkenberg (6./Renault) were able to catch up on the track immediately after the penalty. Max Verstappen was already out of the running. The Red Bull star, celebrated by 40,000 "Oranjes", fell out in fifth place in the eighth round – and was the reason for the double yellow, which became a rickne. "It's the sixth time this year," he said. "I'm not going to believe it," he said ! That must not happen, of course. "The fault is once again Renault:" A cylinder has failed. We still do not know the exact cause, "says Red Bull Motorsports Consul Helmut Marko and growls:" This is almost no longer to be borne. "Even worse than with Red Bull is the mood at Force India First round, Sergio Perez pushed the Ocon on the way down to the Eau Rouge in the wall – and on the 29th lap the same incident happened again! If it was the first time in a blue eye, Ocons Bodywork was the second time "Perez," he said, "I'm not going to be able to do it," Perez said. The second time Esteban was too optimistic. "There is no room for two cars at the place." The immediate consequence of the team that knows such a situation from Baku is: "This will not happen in the future. We will not let them run free against each other, "says the manager of the company, Otmar Szafnauer. The disaster had arisen: the first call came because Perez was in the wrong starting mode and could not get full performance, and he took a five-second penalty Because he came to the meadow in defense of a Haas, and shortly before the second situation, Ocon railed on the radio that it was unacceptable that Perez had been brought to a change of tire in front of him, because he suddenly had the Mexican, who had long since retired (Fernando Alonso, Carlos Sainz (Toro Rosso)), Romain Grosjean (Haas) was 3.4 seconds behind Hlkenberg seventh, Felipe Massa (Williams) after a weak weekend, McLaren) did brilliantly with a superstart of P10 on P7 and showed a courageous duel against Hlkenberg, but ultimately he once again decided: "Embarrassed," he radioed, It was much too low topspeeds from one opponent after another. In the meantime he responded snappily to well-meant advice from his racing engineer: "No more radio talks until the end of the race!" And after twenty-five laps, he said, "It was a motor problem, but points were not there anyway." Just as little as for Pascal Wehrlein (Sauber), who had a catastrophic weekend from Friday to Sunday. In the race was early, because "the suspension or the Stabis" were broken. In addition, he announced in the TV interviews that he 2018 probably no longer for clean. Instead, a Ferrari junior is to come. In the driver's World Championship it remains exciting. Vettel is in a good mood: "We were the whole race and had a very, very good car. When we compare Silverstone and here, it's like day and night," he says. Wolff nods in agreement: "Ferrari has made a big leap forward, you have to stand by them."


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