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Formula 1 Spa 2017: Hamilton sets Schumacher's record

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 | Sports

26. August 2017 – 15:03

Lewis Hamilton is happy about the pole record of Michael Schumacher

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(cafetheology.org) – Lewis Hamilton secured the pole position for the Grand Prix of Belgium (Formula 1 2017 live on the ticker) and thus set the perpetual pole record of Michael Schumacher. In Schumacher's "living room" at Spa-Francorchamps, Hamilton equalized with a new record record of 1: 42.553 minutes, the best of 68 poles. Afterwards, emotional scenes arose when Formula 1 sports coach Ross Brawn congratulated on behalf of the Schumacher family. "I've always admired Michael, and I still do that today," he says. "He is and remains one of the greatest ever." The road to the pole position Was ultimately easier than imagined. Hamilton was already fastest in the first attempt and could increase in the second one again. At first his team colleague Valtteri Bottas (+0.541) was short on P2 – but the Ferraris were still on their fast lap. And the bad luck of Kimi Rikknen should be Sebastian Vettel's luck. Rikknen drove in the first sector the better time as Vettel, but then made a mistake, broke his lap and instead gave Vettel's wind shadow. Thus the (+0.242) was still drawn in the first row. "Kimi," he says, "gave me a very nice windshade, which made it a little easier for me in terms of Valtteri." For Bottas remained 0.299 seconds behind the German – and saw no country against Hamilton the whole weekend: "" "I wanted to be on the pole, but Lewis did a perfect job while I was having trouble," he sighs. "P4 is more annoying for Landsmann Rikknen, who has two favorite times in three sessions as a hot pole favorite was. But when it came to the decision, he suddenly complained about vibrations: "That did not help," growled the Ferrari driver. "The whole weekend went well, then suddenly such a dodgy qualifying. Very disappointing." Red Bull was, as expected, only a third force. Max Verstappen, cheered by tens of thousands of "Oranjes", missed only 0.110 seconds on Rikkonen; But that was the absolute maximum for the audience favorite on the high-speed circuit: "A perfect qualifying," he says. "I've got my best sectors in a round, but not so often." Daniel Ricciardo had difficulties all along the weekend to go to the pace of his team-mate. "The more we push, the more problems we have," analyzes the Australian. In the end, he missed a half-second on Stappen. After all, he had a buffer of more than a second on Nico Hlkenberg (Renault / + 2,429), this time surprisingly "Best of the Rest". Long had it looked after, as if Jolyon Palmer for the first time in the shadows of his German team colleagues put. But Palmer already reported a defective clutch on the FIA ​​scale in Q2, and when he was about to go to his fast lap in Q3, his rear went off. So he was tenth behind the two Force Indias without Q3 time. Fernando Alonso secured himself eleventh, although he rolled out at the end of Q2. "No power", the McLaren driver once more sparked – and sighed in the direction of Honda: "How can that be?" After all, he left the Haas duo Grosjean / Magnussen behind him. And Landsmann Carlos Sainz (Toro Rosso), who had certainly improved after some good training work. On the other side, Daniil Kwjat (17./Toro Rosso) both goodbye and Sauber drivers. While the Sauber Ferrari engine was unimpressive despite the update (but Pascal Wehrlein lost his stable duel by 0.465 seconds), the Williams crash on the high-speed track came as a surprise. Lance Stroll (18) was already out of the race early , Because he broke a rear wing end plate. The mechanics were still trying to change these, but did not make this in time for a second run. And Felipe Massa pushed to P15 at the end of Q1, but the bottom line was missing him 0.095 seconds on Romain Grosjean (12./Haas). In addition, the Brazilian is given a five-point penalty because of the disregard of double-yellow in FT3.Fr Wehrlein is the last place after flying away of an Aero part: "How much I have lost, I do not know," he tries To explain. "I've lost a lot of time in the midsection, so in the fast corners, I've just slipped around all the time." After all, he does not have to start last tomorrow. That will be local hero Stoffel Vandoorne (McLaren) with his plus 65 penalty … For the race Vettel despite the Hamilton pole pays quite chances for the victory: "Mercedes will be fast, but we do not have to hide." And also Mercedes-Sportchef Toto Wolff warns of self-satisfaction: "Spa is a route that should be to us, so they are quite close, the Ferrari's long-running was very fast."


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