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Formula 1 Spa 2017: Dominant Hamilton "strker for ever"

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Sports

27. August 2017 – 18:04

Lewis Hamilton was the great triumphator in Spa-Francorchamps

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(cafetheology.org) – Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) has returned with a strong performance from the summer break of the Formula 1. At the Grand Prix of Belgium in Spa-Francorchamps, the British won a convincing start-finish victory on Sunday. Even after a safety car phase Hamilton stopped his opponent Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) and celebrated in his 200th race in the Formula 1 Grand Prix victory number 58. Team colleague Valtteri Bottas lost during the restart after the safety car- "It was a very good race, and I am stronger than ever," the racing jumper rejoiced. From the pole position Hamilton won the start and defended an attack from Vettel in the first round on the Kemmel straight. Hamilton followed a little from his chasers and kept the lead even after the first pit stop in lap 13, where he switched from ultrasoften to softer tires. The same strategy chose two rounds later also Vettel, so there was no position change. "We took Lewis so early, because we wanted to prevent an undercut by Sebastian," said Sportchef Toto Wolff the comparatively early stop. As a result the positions were related, before round 30 after a collision of the two Force India pilots Safety car came on the track, very much to Hamilton's. "It was a bit like in the NASCAR, where the safety car comes on the track without any reason. The wing could have been felled with a VSC, but they wanted to see a race," he insists Of the Saftey-Cars.Safety-Car brings Hamilton in need The neutralization used both Hamilton and Vettel to the second pit stop, but they decided for different tires. While Hamilton once again set up softer tires, Vettel switched to ultrasoft. "We've been arguing strongly because of the ultrasoft to attack after the restart of the better tire," Wolff explains. "But we only had one used set, Ferrari saved one in the qualifying." On the paper, the German should have had an advantage when restarting round 34, especially since Hamilton complained that he did not brake and brake on Temperature. "The safety car was very slow, so it was very difficult to bring the tires to temperature. The front tires were not so good at first." Nevertheless, Vettel did not pass Hamilton, which according to the opinion of the Mercedes driver Small mistake of his opponent. "I think he was a bit too close to turn 1 on Curve 1. Otherwise, he might have passed me before the Eau Rouge." Hamilton had enough momentum on the long Kemmel straight to keep Vettel behind him. In the last ten races, the Ferrari driver did not find a way past Hamilton.Bottas' race ending disappointing "It is a great feeling to get back from the break and get up with the right foot," enthuses Hamilton on the successful start to the race Second seasonal. "But Ferrari has given us a good fight, I did not give any time to relax, it was a real sprint race, where I had to give everything in every lap, there was no room for mistakes, otherwise he would be right away Bottas was in third place for long stretches, but then the reboot after the safety car phase became a hindrance. On the Kemmel straight both Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull) and Kimi Rikknen (Ferrari) passed the Finn, who could not recapture his position. "They were on the ultrasoften tire, I was on the soft tire, the softening of the soft tires was not so easy, I'm like you are good in the direction of turn 5. I'm very disappointed because I have a lot of points "" At Valtteri we saw that he had no grip and no traction, so he was torn off immediately after the restart, which was not a big weekend, we have to find out why "was not on Wolff with the performance of the Finn Very satisfied. With his success, Hamilton also returned to the World Cup, scraping back to Vettel to seven points – and the place where he had first visited a Formula 1 race 21 years ago. "I was with my father here in 1996. At that time we were Nobodys, and our dream was to be here one day," he says. "Hopefully everyone will show that dreams can come true, you just have to fight for them, believe in yourself and never give up."


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