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Formula 1 Singapore 2017: Daniel Ricciardo is a man of Friday

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Sports

15. September 2017 – 16:00

Daniel Ricciardo secured the fastest time in the second free practice session in Singapore

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(cafetheology.org) – Daniel Ricciardo was the man of the day at the training session on the Grand Prix of Singapore (Formula 1 2017 live in the ticker). The Red Bull driver secured the fastest time in the second free practice, with a new track record of 1: 40.852 minutes. He took his team colleague Max Verstappen 0.556 and Monza winner Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 0.703 seconds. Red Bull, with great expectations came to Singapore, the role as a secret favorite on Friday right from the start. Especially Ricciardo impressed in the late evening under floodlight with a series of fast times, sometimes several times on a tire set. The fact that he was significantly faster than stardom in the end was compounded by a total of three hours of Friday training. "When this Red Bull is full, this is by far the fastest car in the field," says expert Marc Surer. When Hamilton and Vettel, the spearheads of Mercedes and Ferrari, completed their longrun with 1: 46 peaks, Ricciardo and Verstappen shook effortlessly 1: 45 times from the sleeve. Especially since Red Bull in the Renntrimm is generally better anyway than on the fast single round. This explains Ricciardo's self-esteem: "I have great confidence that we will stay on this course all weekend." "What I saw today is that Red Bull is all over the mountains, they are a second faster in Longrun." Mercedes boss Niki Lauda. His Red Bull friend Helmut Marko, on the other hand, is in a good mood: "We were optimistic, but we are still more optimistic about the Longruns today, and generally the outlook for the race is very, very enjoyable." But Marko warns: "Vettel can not be underestimated, which will be an issue in the Qualiying." Sebastian Vettel was a favorite for Singapore, but he was only 11th. "For being favorites, they make a bad impression," Surer analyzes. Even if Vettel's time has to be relativized: He was suspended on his fastest lap by losing the light of the day Marcus Ericsson (Sauber). Vettel had set up the fastest time in the first sector before he went to the Sauber, but lost in the second four tenths of a second. If he had finished his lap, he would probably have landed somewhere between Stappen and Hamilton. "I hope," says Surer, "they find a solution and build the car for tomorrow, because they are not competitive, even if it looks better with full tanks." Vettel's World Cup rival Hamilton (on soft in average a second faster), on the other hand, experienced a decent Friday. With the hardest tire mixture, he was fastest on the road for a long time, and during the Ultrasoft time hunt he only had to beat the two Red Bulls. However, Hamilton has a good tradition of running in the city – unlike Valtteri Bottas, who finished fourth with 1.252 seconds behind.Bottas lost some time on his fastest lap when he was carried too far out in the finish curve. But already in the first training he had complained about a difficultly calculable stern. That continued in the evening when he did not get on the pace on his first Longrun. Of the top drivers, he was the slowest in the stage that was preparing for the race preparation. This time, some of the most surprising candidates were in the Weltspitze. Nico Hülkenberg (Renault / + 1,596) delivered a clean session and finished fifth (+1,649) and Fernando Alonso (both McLaren / + 1,936). This shows that in Singapore, it is above all the opportunities that can compensate for a less powerful engine with a top chassis. Hülkenberg came to Singapore with the aim of becoming "Best of the Rest". He's on course for three hours. The fact that he was able to produce on the running band in FT2 1: 46er times and thus was even faster than some of the absolute top stars was a surprise. However, it is quite possible that the Renault had a few kilograms less gasoline on board than in the Mercedes or Ferrari. Between the Force Indias Kimi Raikkonen landed, on Friday largely unobtrusively on the road, to ninth place. Residue: 1,983 seconds. The Toro Rossos are knocking on the top 10, but they did not quite make it. And Williams, traditionally fastest on high-speed routes, was extremely difficult in the twisted Singapore. The fact that the two Sauber drivers were the final light (Pascal Wehrlein hauchdünn before Ericsson), was no surprise.


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