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Formula 1 live ticker: Honda had hoped for customer team

Monday, August 21st, 2017 | Sports

As it currently looks, Honda 2018 will continue to supply only McLaren with engines – if at all. The deal with Sauber, which was already in dry cloths, was canceled again, and also with Red Bull sister team Toro Rosso one could reach no agreement. "It is, of course, very disappointing," says Motorschef Yusuke Hasegawa, referring to the ransacked clean-up deal against Racer. He explains, "Because it was just a customer, it is not a big setback for our program, That we would be able to take more kilometers with our engine, which would allow us to collect more data and make comparisons. " In the coming year, McLaren will also be completely dependent on McLaren's data – if they do not get out of the way …


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