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Formula 1 launches video game league: That brings the e-sport boom

Monday, August 21st, 2017 | Sports

21. August 2017 – 11:07

Own league: Formula 1 opens to the video game event boom

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(cafetheology.org) – Formula 1 is entering virtual racing: Liberty Media officially announced that the King Class of Motorsports is setting up its own E-Sport series. Starting in September, so immediately after the appearance of the new Formula 1 video game, the best virtual racing drivers in an official video game league will compete against each other in the same way as the players on the racetracks of this world. As partners are Codemasters, The official Formula 1 computer game, and Gfinity, the global leader in the organization of e-sports events. The 40 fastest riders in qualifying rounds in September will compete at the semi-final events on 10th and 11th October at the Gfinity Arena in London. The finals will then rise as part of the real Formula 1 season's finals at the end of November In Abu Dhabi, where the top 20 will be the winner. The triumphator is automatically qualified for the semi-final the following year, receives a driver's role in the new Formula 1 video game and is guest of Liberty Media at a Grand Prix of the 2018 season. Sport: Formula 1 is lagging behind other sports clearly

The new Codemastes Formula 1 video game is the basis for the series

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But what does Formula 1 want to achieve with this step? While former Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone was long opposed to an opening up of the sport in the direction of social media and the Grand Prix sport was thus less and less young fans enthusiastically, the new owner of commercial rights wants to catch up now Is a great opportunity for our business, "says Sean Bratches, who is responsible for marketing at Liberty Media. "This is a growing series with an incredible fanbase that we are now embarking on on a grand scale, so we want to win new fans." Liberty Media launched a social media offensive in the first year, the pilots want at the race weekends Making it more accessible to the fans and has now also discovered e-sports. Far too late, as many critics find, because the e-sports scene has been booming for some time, and US sports such as the NBA or the NFL have long been active there. Sport events attract crowds

Alonso in virtual use, but also the reverse way works


And even in football, the model has established itself. Top international clubs such as Galatasary, Paris Saint Germein or Manchester City, as well as German teams like Schalke 04, VfB Stuttgart and VfL Wolfsburg, have their own e-sports teams. The growing popularity of football in the US is even to a not insignificant extent on the FIFA video game. All this must not come as a surprise, because the global interest in e-sports events is enormous: Thus, an incredible 36 million people have the WM- And the likes of the Madison Square Garden, where the real NBA games of the New York Nicks are played or big rock bands are playing, were sold out at e-sports events. Excellent potential for neglected young people Target groupAnd the Formula 1 fans are also very interested. A large survey of 'Motorsport.com' showed that 50 per cent of the interviewees regularly use video games, with the 16 to 24-year-olds even 80 per cent. This is also comprehensible, because in contrast to other sports that can be practiced in the park, one can perhaps be the closest to Formula One on a virtual level. This is also proved by the example of McLaren, where an E-Sports competition is a simulatist The Formula One team. And in GT sports, the boundaries between virtual racing and real racing have already been overcome. In Nissan's casting program, GT-Academy, virtual racers have even been brought to a real start with the 24-hour Le Mans classic through the Gran Turismo video game. With success: Graduate Lucas Ordonez was second in the LMP2 class at the Sarthe in 2011.


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