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Formula 1 for Halo only the first step: F2, Formula E, IndyCar …

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Sports

7 September 2017 – 14:30
The FIA ​​wants to use the Halo system not only in Formula 1, but to apply it to the other Formula series: Formula 2 2018 also with Halo

Not only Lewis Hamilton will have to get used to Halo in the car

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(cafetheology.org) – That the Formula 1 will introduce Halo for the 2018 season also has an impact on the other motorsport series. Because the head protection has come to stay – covering the entire area in the form of sports. According to FIA security chief Laurent Mekies, the plan also provides for the use of Halo in other categories. "There would be no additional frontal protection without the possibility to use it in other series," he says, "cafetheology.org." "This does not mean that it must be exactly the same versions – but the concept" so Mekies continued. "Nobody would accept that you only protect the top guys." The first effects have already been shown: last weekend in Monza, the new car of the Formula 2 2018 was presented – it was the first officially presented vehicle with Halo. Further newcomers are also to follow suit. In addition, Formula E is also considering the launch of the new Boliden for the 2018/19 season, to take over the sacredness. And even the IndyCar series, after the fatal accident of Justin Wilson two years ago, has intensively dealt with concepts for an additional head protection. The formula 1 in this matter is pioneer, is for the FIA ​​security chief a logical matter: "The Formula 1 is the best environment for experimenting and investigating such things, so it is natural that we are developing them there, but the intention is to pass them down. "But as always, the security efforts of the World Automobile Association do not stop there , They will continue to strive for new security features to further contain the dangers. "Because everything is brought to the limit in Formula 1, there is an impact everywhere, and as soon as you change something, there are consequences for something else that you suddenly talk about," says Mekies.



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