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Formula 1 Budgets 2017: What World Cup points have cost so far

Sunday, August 20th, 2017 | Sports

August 20, 2017 – 9:25 am
Fotostrecke: What budget the teams have, how many employees they employ and what a world championship point has cost: Ferrari 27 times as efficient as Sauber

Small field, big differences: The Formula One teams separate their worlds with their 2017 annual tournament and their number of employees. It is interesting that in the case of cost-efficiency the supposed money-burners are the savings-foxes. We have calculated what the teams have cost a World Cup point (stand summer break).

(cafetheology.org) – Formula 1 is a costly business. But not for every team, the Knigsklasse pays the same amount. 'cafetheology.org' has calculated based on information about the season ticket of each race, which cost a World Cup point until the summer break. The result is a surprise: those who put the most money on the table get the most value for money – the Mercedes and Ferrari factory teams. While the silver arrows were about 868,000 euros for each point, Scuderia was around 817,000 euros , This makes the Sebastian Vettel troupe the most congenial. Naturally, the sums will fall further in the course of the season, if more counters are added. Anzumerken is also that the underlying budgets without engine departments understand. Therefore, the Force-India-team celebrated for its cost efficiency with approximately 1.02 million euros also only the number three, but still far from the frightening balance McLarens and Saubers: 19.27 respectively 21.80 million euros per point are available for the British and the Swiss. All budgets, the number of employees and the efficiency calculations, there are team for team in our large photo gallery.



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