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Formula 1 2018: Red Bull must go to hold Ricciardo

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 | Sports

13. September 2017 – 13:59

Daniel Ricciardo is putting his Formula One Red Bull team under pressure

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(cafetheology.org) – The current contract of the Australian is still open until the end of 2018. Ricciardo is aware that his next career step is decisive for his chance in the F1 championship fight. He has already been associated with Ferrari and Mercedes. One thing is certain: towards the end of the coming season many F1 teams will be behind the talented racing driver. Ricciardo himself, however, would like to win the title with his current racing team.In an exclusive interview with cafetheology.org, Ricciardo revealed that he wants to concentrate fully on the title hunt. Therefore, he is a little impatient to get a vehicle with which he is able to win the world championship. "Must take a bigger step" "There was a stage where I was very impatient," declared the Australian. "It's not much better because I do not want to leave Formula One without a title, I believe it's the ability to do it, I want to make it ever the better." "I thought we were in the current "We have never been a part of the championship, so Red Bull Racing has to put a bunch on it." " I've been part of the team for several years now, and the team has to take a bigger step in the coming season than last year, and I must be able to win the race. "" Will I win Red Bull Racing? "I would like to be a member of Red Bull Racing, but we will see what will happen." can get the chance to win at any race weekend. I think I'm still one of the top riders in Formula One. "Given that Ricciardo could be available for the 2019 season, Ferrari and Mercedes have decided against long-term contracts with their current drivers, while Kimi Rikknen will be with Ferrari only until the end of 2018, Mercedes will still have to announce how it will continue with Valtteri Bottas after the 2017 season. "Deciding an important step for Ricciardo's career" I have to make a decision when my contract with Red Bull Racing runs out, "explained Ricciardo . "For the first time in my career I am freely available on the market. It's a situation in which I've never been before. "" But it depends on Red Bull Racing whether they want to continue working with me. If it is, I will make the decision which is the best for me. In the next contract, which I sign, whether it is an extension or a new contract, will certainly not only be a one-year contract term. It will be 3 years. That's why this decision is an important step in my career. "" I'll think about what I'm going to do. Ultimately, however, I want to go for a team, where I have chances of winning. However, it is also important to find good conditions in a racing team. "" I succeed because I have a lot of fun at my job. I have the feeling that not everyone enjoys the sport as much as he should. So that's a crucial point for me. "


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