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Formula 1 2018: Kubica is now oriented towards Williams

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Sports

September 11, 2017 – 6:18 pm
After Renault has chosen Carlos Sainz, Robert Kubica has to look for alternatives – does he retire at Williams Felipe Massa?

Robert Kubica now extends his feelers to Williams

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(cafetheology.org) – In Formula One, a medium-heavy earthquake occurred behind the scenes as reported by cafetheology.org. Carlos Sainz will go to Enstone in a spectacular stalemate between Toro Rosso, Renault and McLaren, get Toro Rosso Honda engines and switch McLaren to Renault units. A name is missing in this illustrious round: Robert Kubica is definitely out at Renault after the decision. But the Pole does not give up. Next stop: Williams. In the course of the test program, Renault and Kubica were able to sign up to a deadline at no other party. This time has now elapsed and Renault has chosen Carlos Sainz. This is the door for Kubica too. The reason for the reservations against a commitment of the 32-year-old also seems to be found. According to British media reports, he has shown a strong pace at the Hungaroring, but there should have been fluctuations in performance during his racing stints. This, in turn, caused doubts as to whether he is really capable of driving Formula One for a workman. Renault Motorsport Director Cyril Abiteboul had spoken after the test of "some open questions". And since Sainz was a candidate for the race anyway, it was easy to pull this option. Also Alonso in the race? Kubica has thus after the deadline (a contract with Renault it was unlike in those British media reported never dissolve because it of itself tat), but wants to return to Formula One. At Williams, Lance Stroll sits firmly in the saddle, but Felipe Massa, who has actually already resigned. Williams needs a driver who is older than 25 years due to the sponsor Martini. Pascal Wehrlein, for whom Formula One 2018 could no longer have a place, failed.

Accidents pave the way: Robert Kubica experiences an exciting motorsports career
1984 – today

Robert Kubica is back! The pole, whose career has already been finished after a serious rally accident in 2011, makes justified hopes for a Formula One comeback. Whether it is enough, will be shown. In our photo gallery we show you the exciting career of one of the most promising talents.

Robert Kubica would not compete with Massa at Williams, unless he voluntarily resigned, but also with his old friend Fernando Alonso. The Spanish double world champion has already received an offer from Williams in August. It is questionable whether McLaren Alonso with the Renault engines can appease. Although the aggregates from Viry-Chatillon compared to Honda as the better, but are also far behind compared to Ferrari and Mercedes, which already Red Bull this season painfully must determine.

Robert Kubica did not have any doubts about the Renault test in Hungary


Only for Alonso the question arises whether Williams really would mean an ascent. Even in Monza the Renner from Grove did not get beyond the places seven and eight, despite the highly praised Mercedes-drive units. And after Sergio Perez has been cut off with overpriced salary at Williams, it is hard to imagine that Claire Williams is able to afford the Alonso as the best Formula 1 driver of the present. The doubts are summed up. Kubica would be an attractive alternative for Williams. He should cost less than Alonso and would bring the team a big image. However, he would have to prove himself with Williams once. The earliest possible date would be the trials at the end of the season in Abu Dhabi. And until then, a lot can still be moved to the market.



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