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Foreign Minister Gabriel has little hope for Germans in custody

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | World News

Ten Germans are now being held in Turkey for political reasons. It is unlikely that they will soon be released again, Federal Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD). He advised in an interview about vacation trips to Turkey.

To date, nine political prisoners from Germany have been mentioned. According to the "Heilbronner Stimme" (Foreign Ministry), the German Foreign Office now gave its number by ten. Gabriel condemned the incarceration of the "Bild" newspaper once again: "They are being held without any reason for it, and they have to get the impression that they are politically abused for stoning nationalism A great injustice! "

Prospects for release
The Foreign Ministers considered the prospects for the release of the prisoners to be low. "The opportunity is not very big, if one is honest," said the SPD politician.

  The recent incarceration of journalist Deniz Yücel, translator Mesale Tolu Corlu and human rights defender Peter Steudtner are a key issue in the tense relations between Germany and Turkey. All three suspects are under investigation. Yücel, who has been in detention since February, is also accused of incitement.

After the capture of Steudtner in early July, the federal government had taken a tougher course against Turkey and tightened the official travel instructions. In this, holidaymakers are cautioned; They are advised to register with the Embassy for security reasons.

 Gabriel advises of leave in Turkey
Gabriel became even clearer and advised German holidaymakers expressly from traveling to Turkey. "You can not do this with a clear conscience at the time," he said, with a view to the risk of possible commitments. This must be well thought out. "We can not take the decision as a state."

Journalists in particular could be quickly suspected of being opponents of Turkey, but also other people. For the Turkish government, everyone is a terrorist or a supporter of the Gülen movement who does not agree with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Gabriel pointed out that contacts with such Turks could also be a risk to holidaymakers.


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