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Force India sacrifices development 2017 not for 2018 car

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | Sports

12 September 2017 – 17:22 hrs
Although Teamchef Vijay Mallya is comfortable in fourth place in the Constructors' World Cup, Vijay Mallya is not yet ready to work on Force Indias VJM10

Force India wants to keep fourth in front of Williams

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(cafetheology.org) – With 58 points ahead and 99 points behind, Force India is currently relatively comfortable on the coveted fourth overall rank, but although shifts in this Formula 1 season seem relatively unlikely, the team would like its development in favor of the car for 2018 is not yet set. "The VJM10 continues to develop and will also bring advantages for the car of 2018," says Teamchef Vijay Mallya before the seventh-last season of the season. "We are continuing to bring new parts to the track and will have further developments on both cars this weekend as well," said the Indian. "Force India would not like to be in fourth place this season. So far, the team shone above all with Constance and could not go to the points in Monaco. The Teamchef will also see these strengths in the remaining races. "It's about being consistent, taking points and taking our opportunities," says Mallya. "For our team, it feels pretty good to be in fourth place in the championship to sit ", the Teamchef continued. "The strong performance at Monza has brought us the tenth double top 10 result this season, which is a tremendous success for the entire team." 2017 is the most successful year for Force India. At the moment, 113 are counted, 108 were the same time in the previous year – but in those days they also had an additional race in Germany.



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