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Force India in Q2 out: distance has evolved away

Sunday, September 17th, 2017 | Sports

16. September 2017 to 19:26

That was not in the script: Force India did not get past Twelfth

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(cafetheology.org) – Disillusion in Pink: Force India has missed the third segment of qualifying at the Singapore 2017 Grand Prix, an extremely rare event in the Formula 1 season 2017. Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon are starting from the squares twelve and 14 in the race. Both drivers and the team knew that the Marina Bay Circuit does not really meet the VJM10. Another reason for the weak performance is that a change in Perez's vote has been backfired. "A difficult qualifying session," the Mexican groans. "Up to my last Q2, I've had problems with the front, then we've made some changes to fix that, but then I've lost the grip on the rear axle, I do not know what went wrong we need to look into the data and understand it tonight. " (The qualifying session for the Grand Prix of Singapore 2017 ran) The problem: Before the race no set-up changes can be carried out. This makes things even more difficult. Perez is still building points: "It will be a long and hard race tomorrow and we have to be patient, we are only a few places away from the top 10. That is why we will fight to take as many points as possible." Esteban Ocon is also disappointed: "The first weak qualifying session after a long time. Of course, you do not want to have such a thing, but that's how it goes." He actually felt very comfortable in the car for a long time. "After Friday, we've tested a few things that have brought us on a good path, the third free practice was a massive step," he remembers. But what happened then? "The track has developed away from us", he justifies his 14th place. The front wheels tended to lock when braking. Without the necessary confidence in the car he did not even come close to Q3. "He has not delivered a clean round," De-facto team coach Bob Fernley is lightly criticized. "We will attack in the race," announces the young Frenchman, who wants to present himself on his 21st birthday on Sunday. "It is not the easiest route for us because it does not fit perfectly on the car, but we will push to get as many points as possible, so far there have been safety cars in all the races our car is stronger in the race than in qualifying. "


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