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Force India: Halo launch could endanger test start

Monday, August 21st, 2017 | Sports

21. August 2017 – 14:24

Force India was also able to test Halo last year

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(cafetheology.org) – Is Halo launching the start of the Formula One season 2018? This fear is felt by Force Indias Director of Operations Otmar Szafnauer. "It could delay the car for the coming year," he says. Because Halo naturally has a great influence on the structure of the chassis and must be planned accordingly. "And it takes a certain time to design and build a monocoque," he says. The longer the concrete definitions of the halo system, the greater the chance that the cars will be ready for the test in Barcelona February 26, 2018 will not be ready in time. "At the moment it looks like we might not be able to produce it in time for the test," says Szafnauer. In addition, the Force India man fears further problems with the crash tests. Szafnauer assumes that the criteria can be quite high. If a team fails with the tests, they could be in trouble because of the close connection between chassis and Halo. "If the criteria are so high that the halo and the monocoque are going through, then we are delivered," he says. He remembers a change in the rule after Alexander Wurz's fall in 1998, where the test criteria for the rollover bar increased so much , That the component for a long time not by the acceptance got and it had to design again and again. "The nice thing was that you could easily turn off the stirrup and make another one, so not the whole monocoque had to be redesigned," says Szafnauer. This is different at Halo but he finds that the decision to introduce halo for 2018 came rashly. The FIA ​​had pushed the head protection system a few weeks ago against the will of nine of the ten teams. "It would have been nice to have another year to do it right," says Szafnauer, and wishes that the introduction be stopped again – for security reasons. "It is safer to do it right than make it premature."


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