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For the third time, Daniel Ricciardo fights with gearboxes

Sunday, September 17th, 2017 | Sports

17. September 2017 – 17:33

Daniel Ricciardo finished a feat, but was still disappointed

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(cafetheology.org) – On Saturday, Sebastian Vettel beaten the race on Saturday and second on the Marina Bay Circuit on Sunday. Daniel Ricciardo is worried that he just does not want to work in Singapore: "I can not win this stupid thing, even though I try again and again!" What he does not mention to the many Australian fans is that he had to manage a gear problem in the race so he could not attack Lewis Hamilton either in the wet or in the dry. (That is how the Grand Prix of Singapore 2017 ran) Teamchef Christian Horner can not believe that Ricciardo has managed to get the car to the finish line at all. "We lost oil pressure in the transmission before the first safety car and thought we would only make it to the half of the race," he says. Strictly speaking, he thought the second safety car for the Daniil Kwjat accident was Ricciardo's decision to avoid the problem for about 90 minutes. He praised the Australian over the green clover: "Daniel had the instruction , he had to deal with this problem, he had to sacrifice a lot of speed, he did it incredibly well, and managed to spare the vehicle for another 90 minutes so that he could make it to the finish "In lap 15, we were on the verge of losing both cars, so we would like to take this second place." (Result of the Formula 1 race in Singapore 2017) Ricciardo: Problem did not cost us the victory. A driver, on the other hand, plays the problem: "I had to spare the car because of the transmission in some situations, but that did not really affect our race. That was not the reason why we came second. " An interesting contradiction to Horner, about the life and death of the car. Only on the podium, the 28-year-old says, "I have to be satisfied and grateful for this podium place." He explains how he dealt with the problem: "I was instructed to do a few shortships and had to do this until the end of the season I'm not going to say what the reason was, "the disappointment prevails with him:" It's already disappointing that with the victory again did not work. " Already in 2014 he was third in the Southeast Asian city, followed by two second places. He could not continue the trend, his first Singapore victory has to wait. "I really enjoy it here, but we did not have the pace we had on Friday," he says. "It was hard for us to spare the tires, and if I could drive a good lap, I could not keep it on a regular basis." Lewis had always an answer ready. "Bad start rescues Ricciardo from accidentChristian Horner is also not "It would have been a lot more pressure, but the conditions today were completely different: the rain, the lack of rubber rubbing, and then it was even cooler than that on Friday … Mercedes and especially Lewis had a very strong day today, so we could keep Valtteri (Bottas) in check. "Especially bitter: Daniel Ricciardo knows what it's all about. "If we can ride the race again, I already know what we could have done on the set-up of the car," the Red Bull pilot is sure. "It would have helped us with these conditions if we had a different way, we had never been wet in the wet, it was really slippery at the beginning, straight on the colored sections is already very tricky. "His race did not start well: Ricciardo had an extremely moderate start and did not get right from Fleck. "It was good that I had a bad start, otherwise I would have gotten into the middle of it, I do not know who was to blame, it looked like this as if three cars were going to the first corner at the same time. " Nevertheless, the bad start cost him the place to Lewis Hamilton, where he should not be expected in the entire race.


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