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For Kim the Japan rocket is only a "prelude"

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | World News

The UN Security Council condemns the new North Korea rocket test. However, Kim Jong Un is unimpressed. He threatens the US again and suggests further tests.

Kim confirmed the "successful" test of a mid-range HWA-12, he was "extremely satisfied". Despite the sanctions, North Korea had fired a rocket into the Pacific on Tuesday – across the north of Japan.

"A first step in the Pacific"
The North Korean state chief stressed that the rocket test is a response to the maneuvers of the South Korean and US military, reported the state agency KCNA. The test "under simulated war conditions" is "a first step of the Korean Army in the Pacific and a meaningful prelude to keep Guam in check". Washington maintains a large naval and air force base on the US territory.

  The World Security Council unanimously condemned the recent North Korea rocket test as "outrageous" at a special session. The 15 members of the highest UN body called on Pyongyang to refrain from further tests and to cease its Atrocrogram in accordance with previous UN resolutions.

Council condemns "deliberate" disturbance of peace
The recent North Korean military rocket tests "deliberately undermined regional peace and stability and triggered major security concerns around the world," a statement said after a special session. "The Security Council stresses that these actions are not only a threat to the region but to all UN members."

US President Donald Trump criticized the test sharply and emphasized, "All options are on the table". Trump, who had already threatened several times with an all-out entry in the conflict, accused the Communist leadership in Pyongyang of having "signaled his contempt for his neighbors, for all members of the United Nations, and for a minimum standard of acceptable behavior." Such maneuvers only consolidated the isolation of the country.

Neighbors want to increase pressure on Kim
South Korea and Japan declared that they wanted to increase the pressure on the leadership in Pyongyang to "an extreme measure". The South Korean President, Moon Jae In, and the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, had agreed on a telephone call on Wednesday, the Presidential Office said in Seoul.

Both spoke out for new UN sanctions against Pyongyang. The fact that North Korea had fired a rocket across Japan during the test was an act of "incomprehensible violence," Moon was quoted by a spokesman. Seoul and Tokyo wanted to work together with the USA for "more concrete and effective measures of the UN Security Council against North Korea". North Korea was to be returned to the negotiating table.

It was not the first time a North Korean rocket flew over Japan. But it was the first time that the unannounced had happened, reported the Japanese broadcaster NHK. A government spokesman in Tokyo spoke of an "unprecedented serious and serious threat".


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