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Football: Eurosport does not catch Bundesliga streams

Sunday, September 10th, 2017 | Gadgets

Eurosport is also criticized on the third Bundesliga matchday for the quality of its streaming offer. Fans and clubs were annoyed in the past weeks, because the transferred images were out of focus, jerky, or completely failed. In addition to the clubs involved, the German Football League also criticizes the channel.

The Friday games of the current season will not be shown as usual in the past years with the Pay TV channel Sky, but with the competitor Eurosport. There the games are played as a stream, customers have to purchase hardware for 49 euros and pay 4.99 per month or use the also pay satellite reception HD +. That the Bundesliga is no longer shown completely at Sky, has antitrust reasons.

The German football league wrote on the incident: "The affected fans are therefore quite dissatisfied, as well as Eurosport itself and the DFL". One would therefore like to talk with Eurosport about how the high standards of the Bundesliga can be guaranteed throughout the season. "
The HSV is sour
The Hamburger Sport-Verein (HSV) was particularly hard hit. Its coach Markus Gisdol told the dpa: "That would also go to the biscuit if I were at home, and I can not see the game." The transfers from Eurosport were a "disaster". Two weeks ago the Dauergast had played in the relegation games on Friday against Cologne, last Friday against RB Leipzig. Also on the fourth day of the HSV will play on Friday – against Hannover 96.

According to Eurosport, there was a disturbance, but not a comprehensive one. The channel emphasizes, "98 percent of the game was easily seen by all viewers. The problems that some users had with streaming products may occur, and we regret very much that there were some technical issues." Two weeks ago there had been much more extensive failures.


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