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Folger powerless & chalky: Virus brakes the rookie

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | Sports

August 25, 2017 – 8:05 pm
Jonas Folger is only ranked 19th after the training session in Silverstone – a gastrointestinal virus affects the performance of the German

The stomach is disgusted: Jonas follower appears in Silverstone visibly beaten

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(cafetheology.org) – Chalk bleaching on the face and powerless on the motorcycle – the training session for Jonas Folger in Silverstone was so difficult. On the Tech-3-Yamaha in Germany on Friday, the German only completed an "emergency program" in order not to make any further use of his power reserves. He suffers from a gastrointestinal virus. As a result, the rookie's performance is just as disappointing. In the overall classification, he is only 19th after the first day, and he misses the best time of Cal Crutchlow for 1.6 seconds. After all, 28 rounds completed on Friday in both sessions. "I'm not feeling well, I've been suffering from a gastro-intestinal flu for several days, so I was pretty weak today, I'm glad I was able to make some good laps." He's going to try the third Tomorrow. After all, he has to qualify for the Q2. "Tomorrow I will make a big step forward," he does not give up. Aside from the health implications, Folger was able to take a quick try with the new disguise available to Tech 3 this weekend. "The first conclusion:" I could see a difference, but we think that this upgrade does not have much in Silverstone "We will be working on another route," he says on Friday evening. Thus, he can fully concentrate on his recovery.


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