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Florida is to arm itself for evacuation

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 | World News

Hurricane "Irma" drives to the US state of Florida. The governor calls on all the inhabitants to prepare for possible evacuations. The German Foreign Office appeals to the Germans on the ground.

The entire population of Florida should be prepared to leave "their homes" soon, Rick Scott, the Republican government official, said. So far, the regulations of the regional authorities in Florida for the obligatory evacuation do not concern the entire federal state, but only a few coastal regions.

The evacuation of parts of the coast was also arranged in Georgia, which is further north. Of the existing evacuation arrangements in both federal states, a total of several hundred thousand inhabitants are affected.

  Even German tourists in Florida should leave the areas threatened by "Irma", appeals to the German Foreign Office. Residents and holidaymakers of the Monroe County, in large parts of the Miami-Dade County and in parts of the Broward and Collier-County should be safe, the Foreign Office announced.

The area also belongs to Miami Beach. For the evacuation, there would be free shuttle buses, which should be used, at 25 points. Miami Airport is scheduled to close from Friday, which is expected to remain open until Saturday in Orlando.

 Weakened but still dangerous
"Irma" has slightly weakened on its destructive course towards Florida. On Friday he was down from a hurricane of the category five to four, but still has considerable devastation potential with wind speeds of up to 240 kilometers per hour.

After "Irma" whipped across the coasts of the Dominican Republic, Haiti and the Turks and Caicos Islands, he now moves to the Bahamas and Cuba. It is one of the most violent Atlantic storms in a century and has cost at least 19 people.

After Hurricane "Irma" further parts of the island Saint Martin are devastated. (Source: imago)

On the Turks and Caicos Islands, the storm destroyed numerous buildings and uprooted trees. In the Dominican Republic and Haiti, he was responsible for floods and power failures. Previously, he had raced across several smaller islands of the north-eastern Caribbean, including Barbuda, Saint Martin and the Virgin Islands.

The French government said nine people were killed on Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy's islands, only France, and seven more were missing.

Further hurricane on the march
"Jose" is another hurricane in the Caribbean. The Miami hurricane center in Miami ranked "Jose" in the second-highest category four on Friday morning (local time). The storm reaches top wind speeds of 240 kilometers per hour and is thus an extremely dangerous hurricane, as the center communicated. "Jose" is currently moving in the Atlantic at 26 km / h in the direction of the West-Northwest and could migrate on Saturday to near the northern Lesser Antilles.


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