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Five races ahead of the season: Dreikampf for World Cup titles

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | Sports

12. September 2017 – 06:07

Marquez announces the sound with Dovizioso in the World Cup

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(cafetheology.org) – After the 13th season of the MotoGP World Championship 2017, two drivers are ex aequo at the top of the World Championship: Marc Marquez and Andrea Dovizioso are both 199 points each. Since the current point system was introduced in 1993, there had never been such a short distance between the leading pilots in this season. 16 points are missing currently Yamaha-pilot Maverick Vinales on the double point. "It's unbelievable," says Marquez in Misano after his fourth season's success. The Spaniard could now be matched with Andrea Dovizioso, who also holds four victories. He chose the Grand Prix of San Marino in rainy conditions in the last race. "I knew I had to finish the race, and if I were to hit the pace, and Dovi would be second or third, it would be very difficult in the championship." Marquez had to retire after his already third defeat this season in Silverstone due to a rare engine damage. "After the last race, I was disappointed, I knew I'd be back very hard, so I took a big risk this weekend." Actually, Misano is not exactly his favorite track, yet the additional pressure motivated him, the 24-year-old describes. He was able to catch up nine points, as Dovizioso was only third. Danilo Petrucci did not want to leave the second place. Marquez's advantage: "I always give one hundred per cent" Marquez's great advantage? "I'm still there because I believe in it. I always give one hundred percent, from the first training to the race." Before the zero number in the UK he had already scored a score of 16 points. "It was not easy to get out on the small lead, but that gave me the motivation to go back again, and we were in for tough, wet and rainy conditions, which is the most important thing for the last races." Even if Marquez was back at the weekend again, and landed in the gravel floor – as in qualifying. The top 3 are now only 16 points separated. Valentino Rossi and Dani Pedrosa have lost important points due to the injury-related break and serious problems in the race. The top 5 are already counting 49 counters. "Naturally, our advantage over Dani and Valentino has now grown somewhat, but you can not foresee anything in this championship," Marquez would like to emphasize. However, the true duel crystallizes towards the end of the championship: "It is quite normal that now from race to race "Dani and Valentino have already retired," he said. The situation also looks like Dovizioso. The Italians believe it will be more difficult for Rossi and Pedrosa.Dovizioso: Petrucci's cock at the scales? "They still have a chance, but this time it was very easy to make a mistake: 25 or 20 points are easy to catch up, but the championship is now just a three-pack, "said the Ducati driver. "I've lost a few points in the World Cup, but I'm happy with our speed, both wet and dry. I think we have a real chance to win the title."

Could Petrucci be the tangle at the scales in the World Cup?

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In addition, he still has an ace on his hands: Danilo Petrucci. It was true that the Italian did not have a place in Misano – if Dovizioso had finished second, he would now have four points on the World Championship – but the Pramac Ducati pilot promised him his help. (Read more here!) Dovizioso knows that the next race in Aragon will bring "advantage Marquez". "Marc, of course, is very strong, and now Aragon is always very fast, we are now three competitors in the World Cup, but we have good cards, everything is completely open. Regarding which of the next five routes the Honda and the Ducati could be, both world championship runners are covered. Honda and Ducati with "similar" Pace: No favorite for Asia race Marquez is evasive: "In Austria, I thought that I'll be ten seconds behind Dovi. " However, Honda was surprisingly fast on the long straights, so the race decided only in the last corner in favor of the Ducati driver. "In Silverstone, I thought Dovi would be behind us – and he won, and in Misano our pace was very similar, so it is very difficult to say where Honda and where Ducati be stronger. "

Fifth season of the season: will Marquez also be able to cheer in Aragon?

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The title defense believes in any case that with Dovizioso in both Aragon and the Asia races will be to be expected. "Of course, there are routes that he prefers and some that are better for me," the Italian also remains cautious with forecasts. "But it is more important how the bike works with the tires every weekend, which is impossible to know before, Marc and Honda have shown that they are strong, but also we are now fast, where we have problems before "And then there would be the laughing third:" We can not forget Vinales too, "Marquez warns. "He's only 16 points behind us, he's also strong in the wet, where he usually has bigger problems." The Spaniard kept his point of view constant. He also reckons with a three-round fight for the World Cup crown in the last five races.Vinales: In the triathlon, the danger is twice as big

Vinales: "Chance for the competition in the double-skating double!"

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"It's going to be difficult, but it's not going to be any easier, it's only easier if there's a duel between two riders, or you're alone in front." Three drivers are quite a bit, "he says. You can not just rely on one opponent: "You can absolutely not make a mistake because the chance that your opponent wins is twice as high. You have to be ready," says the 22-year-old including Dovizioso, are back on track for the first time in their MotoGP career, while Marquez has accumulated a lot of experience in the world over the past years. Both he and the Italian want for the last third "a nice, close fight to the end".


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