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Firefox Addon makes digital election campaign transparent

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | World News

A new Firefox add-on is supposed to help make the German election campaign on the Internet transparent for users. Because not everyone sees the same party applications at Facebook: The inserts are tailored to very special usergroups. Searching for the news and the Buzzfeed News – with your help!

By installing the new Firefox extension, they help the transparency activists of "Who pays for my voice?" To collect data on the hidden election campaign at Facebook. Every advertised party advertising is read by the tool – which in turn enables cafetheology.org and Buzzfeed News to analyze the data.

Here is the Firefox extension for download.

And here is the extension for the Chrome browser.

In the coming weeks, the hidden election campaign on Facebook could take on more and more. In Great Britain, for example, the so-called "dark ads" (German: "dark advertising") played a not insignificant role in the voting on the Brexit. And the German parties are also putting a lot of sums into the election campaign.

 Questions? The colleagues at Buzzfeed News are once again answering the eight most important questions.


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