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Financial Services Provider: Equifax Announces Hack of 143 Million Customer Data

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | Gadgets

US financial service provider Equifax has announced in a stock exchange report that after a hacked data of approximately 143 million US customers have been copied. Equifax also acts as a credit agency and thus manages confidential information on the creditworthiness of the customers.

The hack was discovered according to the company on 29 July this year, the stock exchange announcement took place on 7 September. According to the company, the attackers were supposed to have exploited a vulnerability of a "US web application" in order to access the data. According to Equifax, the "core business" of the creditworthiness database is not affected by the attack.
Credit card data of 209,000 customers
The information that the criminals were able to see include names, social security numbers, birth data and addresses of up to 143 million customers. In addition, some 209,000 customers also had access to credit card numbers. According to the company, individual customers from the UK and Canada are also affected, and further steps are to be discussed with the relevant regulatory authorities. Equifax offers all customers free services against identity theft.

Excitement sparked a message from Bloomberg, according to which three Equifax managers should have sold only a few days after the Hack parts of their stock packages. The company states that the affected persons had not been informed of the successful attack at this time.


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