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Final number two? Bottas implies help for Hamilton

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Sports

September 4, 2017 – 07:00
With his victory in Monza, Lewis Hamilton continues to keep Valtteri Bottas down. The Finn is fighting hard, but he also offers help for his team-mate

Has Bottas already resigned himself with the role of number two behind Hamilton?

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(cafetheology.org) – The conditions at Mercedes are at the latest after the big price of Italy straight. Lewis Hamilton has not only taken the world championship, he is now also 41 in front of his team colleague Valtteri Bottas. Officially, the silver arrows have not yet been pronounced, but the bigger the retinue of the Finn, the more likely it is that he must play the watershed for Hamilton in the final phase of the season. While Ferrari already clearly set itself on Sebastian Vettel as the number one , Mercedes continues to emphasize the equal opportunities of both drivers. "It's in my hand," says Bottas, optimistically, explaining, "If I perform well, I qualify well and we have a strong pace, I can certainly fight for victories." "If I miss the Pace for some reason, Lewis does a better job, and I'm in second place and clear behind him, then it's better to do it to help as something stupid to try, "however, he also suggests that he could help Hamilton in some situation. "I will always be a teamplayer, and the team has to decide such things," says Bottas. But that does not mean that he has already written off the World Cup. "I have to perform when I want to fight for the title," says the World Cup champion. The second place on Sunday was the maximum anyway. "I already lost the race victory in qualifying", he explains. Bottas went only from grid position four into the race and fell briefly even behind Kimi Rikknen to rank five.

Grand Prix of Italy

"Bella Italia" has not missed a single time in 67 years of Formula One history. The first Grand Prix of Italy, however, is not held in the Royal Park, but on 4 September 1921 in the nearby Brescia. Already a year later the motorsport finds its new home in the Autodromo Nazionale, where Pietro Bordino (in the picture) with a FIAT for the triumph of the Tifosi celebrated premiere success. At that time sad motorsport everyday life: The day before the German Gregor kills Kuhn deadly.

He then started a catch-up, but when he got second, Hamilton was too far away. He explained that there was not a big difference between his Pace and his team colleague, but one can assume that the Briton at the top managed the lead in the first place. Toto Wolff speaks of a "fantastic second place" and praises Bottas for his catching up. To his future, Bottas does not have to worry any more. "I can say he's going to be with us next year," says Niki Lauda at RTL. "Toto just needs to put it all together and calculate it, then it's going to be a board-approval "It is clear now, however, that it will not be easier for him against Hamilton in 2018 …


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