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Filmfriend: Free videostreaming for library customers

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | Gadgets

The Berlin libraries now offer their customers with Filmfriend a video streaming service. The service is managed by the Potsdam company film values ​​and licensed to libraries. Film values ​​has the goal that as many library customers as possible can use Filmfriend in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Valid library credit is sufficient
For the access to Filmfriend only a valid ID for the Berlin libraries is necessary, already the streaming can start. In Berlin, a library permit costs € 10 per year for persons over 16 years of age. At a discounted rate of 5 euros per year, trainees and students receive their ID. For students and recipients of unemployment benefits, social assistance or basic insurance, the ID is free of charge.
The focus is on films and series from Germany and Europe. Also content for children and young people is a focus of the offer. Filmfriend currently has an assortment of nearly 1,000 films and series. By the end of the year the assortment will be propped up to 1,400 films and series, explained Andreas Vogel, CEO of Filmwerte, Golem.de in conversation.
Filmfriend wants to be a complement to Netflix and Amazon
The licenses for the films and serials were already available, but the editorial preparation still had to be carried out. This includes a summary of the content as well as information on staff and occupation. For some titles, there is also information about the filming locations.
The range does not include a rotating system, such as commercial streaming providers. However, sometimes individual content for licensing reasons or because the demand for it is too small, disappear from the assortment, explained Vogel the project.

In film and series selection, Filmfriend is very different from what Netflix and Amazon Prime gives. Ideally, it should be an addition to the content of the two commercial platforms. Most content is available in full-HD resolution, but some content is only available in SD quality because the content is not available in higher quality, Vogel explained the differences.
Some things are still missing, which is self-evident in other streaming providers.


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