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"Fights to the Blood": Hamilton wants to defy Ferrari's update

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Sports

August 24, 2017 – 11:56 pm
While Sebastian Vettel Mercedes with a big Ferrari update the fight announces, Lewis Hamilton sets on hard saying: The rival now draw all the stops

Vettel has new parts in Spa, Hamilton is fighting with other means

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(cafetheology.org) – Ferrari wants to know this year in the title match: this is proved by the extensive update, with which the Scuderia opens at the start of the second season in Spa-Francorchamps. The Scuderia wants to solve the weaknesses on fast and medium speed. "If we were back at Silverstone, we would be much better off," Sebastian Vettel is convinced of the effect of the package. As he sees between Silverstone and Spa, he also calculates in the Ardennes with a strong form: "It It's true that Mercedes was very strong there, so they are the favorites, too, but we want to attack and win. " "We focus on our problems and give our answers on the track. We do not have to cheat or play down, and just let them talk." In any case, he hopes that Mercedes is more powerful than Ferrari. He had used the summer break to mentally enter the second season. He is in this area stronger than ever.Hamilton: Martial words against VettelDer Brite directs Vettel out, that he is motivated to the hair tips to equal the number of world titles with his rival. "I will fight for the blood", the Mercedes superstar finds martial words before his 200th Grand Prix. "I am here to win, and I want to defend my position, sometimes thinking that the longing for victory would eventually subside, but it is bigger than ever before, which is strange, but also exciting."

Just once the boxing radio and instead of the team colleagues came to the box? The biggest Hassduelle of the Formula 1 burst with nasty actions.

What started out as a respectable fight of two top drivers was a real hate-duel in Baku: With the ramming at the end of the safety car phase, Sebastian Vettel opened the war against Lewis Hamilton. But it is not the first time that the scraps fly. Now click through the history of the Hassduelle!

Only his team had problems with the constance in the first season, which is why Hamilton is still lagging behind 14 points in the World Cup ranking on Vettel. But he does not see any reason why Mercedes should not solve the problem with consistency. "The performance I've achieved with my engineers has never been so strong in the last five years," he says Zenit. "This is great because we are under great pressure from the current competition, but we know where we can improve and have a few ideas." Ferrari: suspension, underbody and front wing newThe starting situation promises great Tension. While the layout of the circuit was more likely to meet Mercedes, the Pirelli nominated softest tire blends of the Scuderia could play in the hands. And then the question remains to what extent the winner of the competition, Hungary's winner Vettel and his team mate Kimi Rikknen – a proven spa specialist – will benefit from the update (the colleagues from 'Motorsport.com' have looked closely at the innovations on the Ferrari). This consists of a revised front wheel suspension with a new shock absorber arrangement. A third, positioned in the center is a damper, which is to help to keep the ground clearance and the position of the SF70H under control. The goal: to reduce the air resistance, which should cure the weakness of the bolid on stretches, which require aerodynamic efficiency. Even with the front wing, which also has new end plates and is also aimed at fast distances, and the underbody, the team has to be technician Mattia Binotto hand. It is worth noting that now no more but seven holes in the underbody in front of the rear wheels should provide for the lateral sealing of the diffuser. In contrast to Mercedes, where the very flat Monza wing will be used, one is using the variant used in Baku, which provides for a little more downforce.



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