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FIA convinces: Teams get Halo ready in time

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | Sports

31 August 2017 – 7:55 pm
Charlie Whiting has a few requests from the Halo teams, which is why he leaves the start of the 2018 test – Ross Brawn promises improvements

Halo: Fans will have to get used to the show this coming season

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(cafetheology.org) – The FIA ​​is convinced that the Formula 1 teams with the technical implementation of the Halo head protection for the 2018 season will have no significant difficulties. In the run-up to the Italian Grand Prix, race director Charlie Whiting explained that the preparations were going according to plan: "Sure, all have a few problems, but I'm just as sure that they can do it for the tests," he looks to the start of the tests Preparations for the year 2018 on 26 February in Barcelona.Whiting is optimistic, because previous rule changes had caused massive lamentation in the run-up, but ultimately went smoothly over the stage. "There is a tendency for it to end in the end," the Briton, who has a few mails on the subject of halo, knows these days: "Measured by the amount of questions, it does not seem to be difficult." There are some complications with the high- Cameras and their assembly, but that is relatively negligible. "Formula 1 sports coach Ross Brawn promises:" The fans will get used to Halo. " Nevertheless, Liberty Media wants to improve its optics: "We have begun to work on aesthetics – so that the same security is achieved, but it may contribute more to the aesthetics of the car." Can the system fit more into the design of the cars? Can it look more aggressive and smoother? How could it fit the contours of the car? These questions are the Formula 1 makers.



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