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FIA boss wants Halo to make the "yellow jersey" of the Formula 1

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Sports

07 September 2017 – 17:41
Jean Todt, President of the Automobile World Federation (FIA), has an idea how to use the new Halo cockpit protection for the benefit of the fans

Lewis Hamilton at the test run of Mercedes with halo protection in Spa


(cafetheology.org) – FIA President Jean Todt wants to use the new Formula 1 cockpit protection Halo from the 2018 season in many ways. In addition to the improved safety, the French also hovered on the following idea: "The halo device of the respective world championship champion should be given a different color." This would make Formula 1, for example, on cycling, where great roundtrips like the Tour de France the leaders of the individual categories wear special jerseys. The "Maillot Jaune", the yellow jersey, is the overall leader of the France circuit. In stone, however, the concept of Formula 1 has not yet been adopted. "There are some clever ideas," says Todt. He himself finds "quite" a pleasure in the color solution – also because Todt criticizes the visibility of driver names and starting numbers in Formula 1. "I want to recognize the name and the numbers on the cars, but that is not the case," says the FIA ​​president. The Formula 1 has only improved in the season 2017 and increased start numbers as well as the namekrzel on the bonnet fin prescribed. These steps are not going to be enough for Todt, but Todo said, "But I've also heard some teams have sold their seats to sponsors," said Todt.

The Formula 1 race in Monza: the drama of staging, the triumph of Mercedes and Alonso's radio show

The first driver to win two races consecutively in 2017: Lewis Hamilton also wins at Monza in Spa and takes the championship lead with three points ahead of Sebastian Vettel. He takes the 69th pole of his career. Now he is the sole record holder. Before Michael Schumacher.

Criticism of the protective device, which is to be binding from the formula-1-season 2018, will not allow Todt to continue. He only said, "I am only interested in something, and we realize that we did not do anything, even though we had the opportunity to do so." The accidents of the past years would have the need for an optimized one Cockpit protection, says Todt. "I am sure: there will also be serious accidents in the future, so we need a vision to do something about it before."



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