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Festnetz: Telekom wants to invest after Vectoring in Gigabitschlüsse

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Gadgets

Deutsche Telekom has responded to the announcement by Vodafone to expand its entire TV cable network for gigabit data rates and to invest an additional two billion euros for glass fiber connections in commercial areas and rural communities over the next four years. The Telekom would welcome, even if competitors, which so far mainly used the infrastructure of others, invest themselves even more in the glass fiber expansion, it said. Vodafone uses Vodafone's network at VDSL.

Telecom spokesman Philipp Blank told Golem.de: "The announcement of Vodafone is however only on investments, which start from 2018/2019. Until then we have long ago provided for a large area supply with fast internet connections and are with our fiber-optic cables in almost everyone The Telekom will continue to invest in Gigabit networks. " Deutsche Telekom is investing around € 5 billion a year in Germany.
Telekom: internal planning after Vectoring
Telecom has said it would provide 80 percent of all households with at least 50 MBit / s and up to 250 MBit / s over the fixed network, mostly with FTTC (Fiber To The Curb). This is the first step in Deutsche Telekom's fiber-optic development, and "we want to complete it before Vodafone begins to implement today's announcement." He did not want to comment on the expansion targets after the completion of the Vectoring expansion. In addition, Vodafone wants to expand only in its own dissemination area and not nationwide.

As far as the rural areas are concerned, Blank said: "Here, Vodafone seems to focus mainly on the investments made by municipalities, and they want to operate only their networks, but renting is not a real investment."
While Vodafone announced that it would expand the business areas, Telekom had already begun to connect commercial areas with fiber optics. One of the key factors remains the expansion of the industrial areas in Germany.


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