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Ferrari still needs to improve: confidence in the car is still missing

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Sports

01. September 2017 – 16:56

Ferrari today had to beat the silver arrows

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(cafetheology.org) – Can Ferrari give the Tifosi in Monza this weekend the hoped home win they have been waiting for since 2010? The Friday gave reason to skepticism, because against Mercedes, the Scuderia today had the look – albeit scarce. Sebastian Vettel (3rd / +0.140 seconds) and Kimi Raikkonen (4th / +0.398) were on the right track on Friday, but the silver arrows were a bit stronger in Longrun. "I know we are still if we want to keep up with them, "says Vettel after the training approached his chances. In the normal case, Mercedes can play out its engine advantages on the power circuit in Italy. "They were always fast when they went out – but we expected that," says the German, who does not want to talk his own prospects but, "It looked okay," he summed up.What the Longruns is, the Heppenheimer with the analysis not sure. He had had a lot of traffic and the interruption by Kevin Magnussen had not helped either. "That's why it was not ideal to really make the Pace," he says. "But it's the same for everyone." Raikkonen struggles with the balanceAuch Kimi Raikkonen shrugs his shoulders for the sake of finding the right balance: "Times are times, but we do not know what the others are doing," says the " Iceman "as usual pragmatic. At Ferrari one knows only that the car today was not adjusted to the satisfaction of the two pilots. In the meantime, Raikkonen complained about balance problems and even flew into the gravel bed, and Vettel has still to fight. For him, he still lacks the right confidence in the car, which is necessary on a track with little downforce. "Especially on the brake we can improve a bit, that you can go to the limit and the car feels better," said the World Cup leader. "The rest looks quite good, but we can do well in the corners, if we can do it, it should be a bit early tomorrow." At Ferrari, however, you are confident that you can handle the difficulties for the rest of the weekend can get The Italians are becoming more and more strong over the course of time, so that they can be expected to compete with them on Sunday. In the qualifying Mercedes has usually still an advantage by his engine, and also Vettel expects "no big surprises" in Monza, as he says.Vettel: Hamilton can not let smile disappear

Vettel does not spoil the laughter of Hamilton

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By the way: Ferrari does not deal with Red Bull in Monza. The bulls already record the start-up penalties and are considered to be under-run on the slopes. "Such things do not matter to us," Vettel says. "This happens around us, we have to focus on ourselves and get everything under control." Only if this succeeds, Ferrari can prevent Lewis Hamilton from taking the championship lead on the weekend. The Briton had already announced that Vettel wanted to take the smile away, but that would not allow him. "No matter what happens, he will not succeed," the German grins. "Of course, it's always a bit dependent on what's happening in the day, but all in all, I think we have a good run and have fun at work." Today was perhaps not quite a good day, but we are still laughing "We are not talking about a world that lacks us."


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