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Ferrari makes pressure: Pole of Mercedes keys to victory?

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Sports

Therefore it is currently "really difficult" to say, on which routes one still have an advantage over the Red. "It's going to be tight – but I have no idea who's going to be ahead," Hamilton mulls, recalling that this weekend with a "different package" than in Spa. "But there are also curves here," Bottas laughs, explaining, "You need time to find a good set-up So qualifying is going to be very tight. " He also remembers that it could rain in Monza on Friday and Saturday. "It could be that qualifying is the first dry session," warns Bottas. That would then all teams – in the truest sense – throw into the cold water.Further not a stable region? Lastly in Spa, Hamilton could be right after the race not really be happy about his victory, because on the track with Vettel to the last round so Extremely tight. "I've been going full-throttle, it's unusual, and you're usually going to have a bit of gas, and you're going to be a team," says Hamilton, who was still a "very motivating race." Force. He was not dependent on Botta's support. But when is the point at which Mercedes will set Hamilton as the internal number one? Finally, Bottas is already 41 points behind Vettel in the World Cup. "I personally have not talked about it with the team," Hamilton says, noting that this is a decision of the team. "I feel that this year I have all the support I needed," he says clear. Bottas, by the way, assumes that there will still be no stable government. When asked if he could win a race when Hamilton was second, he answered confidently, "Yes!" "I think we all have an opinion about how Ferrari has worked over the years," says Hamilton, referring to Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso and now also Vettel, who all have the same Clear number one at Ferrari. "It's certainly a bit easier for Sebastian," Hamilton says. As a criticism of Scuderia, he does not want to know this. Ferrari was also "one of the most successful teams" of all time, thanks to this approach.


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