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Ferrari goes swimming in the rain: The Pace is missing, nobody knows why.

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Sports

02. September 2017 – 18:31

Ratathless, Sebastian Vettel back to the pits after qualifying

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(cafetheology.org) – The big loser in the Formula 1 qualifying session in Monza will be red and Ferrari. At the home game in Italy, the Scuderia experienced a real Waterloo and went on to ride with the riders seven and eight for Kimi Rikknen (+2.433 seconds) and Sebastian Vettel (+2.510). Accordingly, Sebastian Vettel is short after the qualifying: "I am with the result is not satisfied, but that is no surprise, "he says with a slightly dashed expression. At Ferrari, you can see why today you were so close to the competition. Vettel can also just shrug his shoulders: "If I knew it, I would say it. We had a bit of speed." The German was surprised at the speed of the others. Hamilton was more than 2.5 seconds faster than the Heppenheimer, but also supposed outsiders such as Esteban Ocon (Force India) or Lance Stroll (Williams) drove constantly faster than both Ferraris. "We could not drive the same pace and we do not know why," Vettel says. "Something has not worked out, but now it's the way it is." He denies that the tire was due to the tires. Vettel went first on intermediates and then had to switch to the rain tires. If he went straight out with the full wets, that would have made no difference, he says. "I'm right there, like other people, but that's not the point," he says. "The Extreme was already the right choice – there was no alternative. We just did not get along well." His team colleague Kimi Rikknen is also reporting on this. He had problems with the grip, explained the Finn. "Whatever it was, it was very slippery, you can not put enough force into the tires, and it's just an endless story," he sighs, summarizing the dilemma in five words: "We were not fast enough." But for Ferrari there is also a silver stripe on the horizon. On the one hand, the Red Bulls are pushing for two more places to start, on the other hand, the weather should look much more friendly tomorrow. "We have a good car, so we do not have to be afraid," Vettel emphasizes. "We can make a lot of ground tomorrow, we know that the car is fast, and you can make good progress here.


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