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Ferrari contract: Vettel would like to have Schumacher's advice

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | Sports

31 August 2017 – 15:36 h
Sebastian Vettel explains why he does not want to enter into the fustaps of his childhood idol, but Michael Schumacher would be an "inspiration" – career end no topic

Sebastian Vettel would like to get Michael Schumacher's advice

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(cafetheology.org) – Sebastian Vettel would have liked his decision to extend his contract at Ferrari, gladly discussed with childhood idol Michael Schumacher. As the Heppenheimer explained, he had already gained the expertise of the Formula 1 world champion already before the change from Red Bull to the Scuderia, if the possibility had existed. "He would have been one of the people I asked in 2014 and asked for advice," says Vettel about Schumacher, whose ski accident had previously happened. The Ferrari team was never between them. "I do not know what Michael's confidence was in. I never talked to him, but I did not have the chance," says Vettel. After almost three years, he made his own picture with the Italians. "Ferrari still surrounds something unique, something that other teams do not." But the team would make the employees what they would be, Vettel says: "People talk about a legend, and in my opinion it's a living thing because of the people who work from early to late." If you walk in the street in Maranello, the omnipresence of the jumping horse can be blown. "Even more so when you see and meet the Ferrari employees," emphasizes the 30-year-old, who has already learned some Italian.

After some hard years of construction followed triumphs in series: the ra of Michael Schumacher at Ferrari goes into the history of the Formula 1

A vision that the competition has yet to get used to: after two World Championship titles with Benetton in the years 1994 and 1995 Michael Schumacher changes to Ferrari. The pressure on the Germans is great, after all the Italian tradition team has been waiting for a title in the drivers' championship since 1979. The former FIAT boss Gianni Agnelli is supposed to say: "If Ferrari does not become world champion with Michael Schumacher, then we will never again."

It was this commitment and the unconditional devotion to the project, which made Vettel the signature under the new contract easier. "Therefore, it was logical to continue," he emphasizes. It was less important for him to emulate Schumacher and to look after the motifs that once decorated the posters in his nursery. "Michael was mostly red, he won the most races and titles in red, but I do not want to go into his fustaps," he says.

Nico Rosberg: Sebastian Vettel would not be surprised at a comeback

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The entire Ferrari team of the present wants to leave their own impressions, even if Schumacher remains a great inspiration. Correspondingly, Vettel is not sure whether he will end his career at Scuderia – after all, he will be 33 years old at the end of the new contract and in the best pilot age. "We know since last year that things can change quickly and unexpectedly," he reminds Nico Rosberg. "You never know." Just as the ex-Mercedes star decided to retire, Vettel could look for a new challenge. Or end up as a privateer. "You can go back, you're bored and you come back, maybe we'll see Nico again in a few years, who knows," the four-time champion shrugs. He thinks about Schumacher: "Michael decided to make a comeback because he loved motor racing – but that's all far away and not an issue."



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