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Ferrari behind Mercedes, but Spa talks about Vettel's Longrun

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | Sports

25. August 2017 – 17:54

The reworked Ferrari is fast, but still needs tuning work

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(cafetheology.org) – The paper shape went to Mercedes as favorite in the Belgium weekend, but Ferrari provided with a comprehensive update package for inspection. Has the Scuderia plan succeeded in exposing the SF70H to the weaknesses on routes such as Spa-Francorchamps? Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton is on top of the Friday ranking. While spa specialist Kimi Räikkönen, who was in the morning's best time, drove 0.262 seconds behind the lead, World Tour leader Sebastian Vettel was only fifth (+0.482) behind Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen. However, one should not be misled , "I did not get the round together, had a little mistake," Vettel said frankly after the training session. However, Vettel's eyebrows were particularly strong in the competition: the Ferrari driver, who completed the Longrun as well as the Mercedes drivers on the Ultrasoft mixture, came most often under the sound wall of 1:50 minutes. "The Longrun from Sebastian was very fast – nearly a three-second-second faster than us," praises Red Bull Motorsports Consul Helmut Marko. And Williams advisor Alex Wurz confirms his countryman's observation: "It is clear that Mercedes has a mini-advantage, especially in qualifying when they can turn the engine up, but Ferrari looks faster in the Longrun trim." Ferrari As a brand-new hunter, has Ferrari really an advantage in the race? Vettel goes fast on the defensive. "Mercedes is the favorite, but we are here to make life difficult for them," he pleads with the role of the hunter. "Whenever they left, they could be fast today, so they look very strong." Mercedes-Motorsportchef Toto Wolff also sees the Scuderia as a dangerous hunter. To talk of a big Mercedes advantage would be "too optimistic, it's going to be a hot ride again, we will not be illusion, they will be stronger tomorrow." "I am suffering from the front axle, it is weak and does not attack." Kimi RäikkönenGenau also asks Vettel – by himself and by his team. After the Friday in Ferrari, the Ferrari driver is dissatisfied despite the good longrun times, squandering with the driving behavior of his car. "The balance ratio front-to-back is not yet right," he gives insights into the set-up work. "The car still pushes a bit much over the front wheels, here and there is still a bit nervous on the rear axle, but we can still do a bit on the car, so it is not." Despair sounds different. Interestingly, Raikkonen shares Vettel's impression of the under-steering Ferrari. "I'm suffering from the front axle," the Finn complained via box radio during his long training session in the second practice, which he, by the way, was the only top pilots on the soft mix. "She is weak and does not intervene." This proved also the TV pictures: in the busstop chicane at this time far away from the ideal line and caught the apex not approaching.Warum Vettel is dissatisfied with its performance

Sebastian Vettel hurtled at the start with his own form

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The Ferrari pilots, however, do not seem to be a basic problem on their car and are confident to be able to take part in the front with the right screws overnight. "I think the car is already good," Vettel points to the update package, which consists of a new front suspension, a new front wing and a reworked underbody. "We're not far away, we just have to get together." And his own performance does not make Vettel happy. "From the rhythm, it was not so good, also from my side, especially on the shortruns I did not find a rhythm, I was not satisfied with myself." But he already has an idea how he can improve himself: "I can influence it by driving differently. I should do that by tomorrow." Raikkonen: Finally, less trouble Räikkönen speaks of a "not at all bad start" on one Of its favorite routes. "By the rain we could not finish a few things." He is convinced that his team can still match. "If that's enough, we'll see tomorrow," he continues, as usual, with forecasts. For now, he can concentrate more on his work, as his contract was confirmed for the coming season. "This has less trouble by you and through them," he points to the journalists and his superiors in Maranello. "But it does not make me faster either."


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