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Fernando Alonso denies: would never give up without reason!

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | Sports

31 August 2017 – 7:05 pm
Fernando Alonso denies that he has intentionally given up at Spa and emphasizes his commitment to McLaren – Honda decides to update Monza

Fernando Alonso does not want to know about a pretended defect

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(cafetheology.org) – Fernando Alonso has denied reports that he voluntarily abandoned the Grand Prix of Belgium without any reason and feigned an engine problem. The Spaniard had left his car in a futile position last Sunday, but Honda could not find any damage to the engine and could use it again this weekend in Monza. After the race, reports about the misrepresentation of a defect had surprised Alonso, as he says, "It seems that people have forgotten that I have been driving here for three years, fighting for Q3, giving everything at the start, pushing the car up in Hungary for another run in Q2 and trying to get into Bahrain with a broken rib, "he shakes his head and counts on what he does for the team.Alonso continues:" When I read something like this, I think people are not focused on the real things in spa was more action than behind me, "the Spaniard said. He had really taken the car as a precaution, because three or four laps before the end he had problems with the PowerUnit. "I had that before often sensors turned out, a few things wrong and the engine immediately "This time we parked the car after the first problems and checked the entire engine," said the McLaren pilot. But because no damage was found, the engine comes back into the pool. In the second free practice session, he is to be used again. And this happens completely without risk: "If he breaks, we will exchange him, of course, but if he stops, probably continue to use," explains the Spaniard. But no matter how it goes, Saturday you want to put McLaren-Honda on the new update 3.7 and exchange the complete engine for 35 places penalty. That was decided this afternoon. In Monza, Honda does not pay much attention anyway – in Singapore all the more.



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