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Felipe Massa: Williams feels good, but is slow

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | Sports

31. August 2017 – 22:25

Felipe Massa does not know what is going on at Williams

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(cafetheology.org) – Since the Spielberg update, Williams is out of the role. Especially in qualifying. A 14th place by Felipe Massa in Silverstone (see cafetheology.org database) was the best starting position for the last five races. But what is the air of the traditional group completely out of control? "We do not know," replied Felipe Massa. "The car is always more competitive in the race than in the qualifying, but we really have to solve it, which we have not yet succeeded in." We have at least a few ideas. "Because the tires at the Williams Boliden in the race suddenly come to temperature it Massa since the sterreich weekend but somehow managed to draw eight World Cup points. With no other team, there is such a discrepancy between the qualifying and racing tempo. "The car does not feel wrong in qualifying," the Brazilian is surprised. "It's just slow, it's not the set-up, the balance, the car and the feeling – all that was fine, but we were not competitive." Nevertheless, he admits that Williams is now generally in development has fallen back. "In Spa, Renault, Force India and even Haas were faster than us – even in the race", says Massa. This makes it all the more remarkable that Williams was still eighth from grid 16. Only Nico Hlkenberg in the Renault and Roamin Grosjean in the Haas were faster from the midfield drivers. "That's why we have achieved an incredible result," he can not hide his pride. "I have achieved more in the race than I would have been possible with the car." Great progress is not expected at Williams in the near future, as you have to understand the problem by car before you order new parts. In addition, the focus is already on the coming season. But what are the chances for Massa now on the Monza line, which the Mercedes-Benz team and low air resistance would actually meet? "Monza could be a better track for us," confirms Massa. "But everything has to fit 100% so we have good starting positions on Sunday."


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