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Felipe Massa admits: Wre not been as fast as Stroll

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | Sports

02 September 2017 – 22:20 hrs
Routineer Felipe Massa had no chance in the internal Williams duel against Rookie Lance Stroll on Saturday – even a "perfect round" would not be enough

In the rain Felipe Massa had no chance against Lance Stroll

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(cafetheology.org) – Lance Stroll will be the latest Formula One driver on Sunday, who has ever been a Grand Prix from the front row. The Canadians only qualify for fourth place, but the penalty against Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo will be in the starting position next to Pole-Setter Lewis Hamilton. Especially impressive: On his fastest lap in Q3, the rookie was more than 1.2 seconds faster than his much more experienced team colleague Felipe Massa. The Brazilian admits his "defeat" and declares: "Even with a perfect lap I would be half a second faster – but it would not have been Lance's lap. He really did a great job today. " But why was the 18-year-old so fast? In the rain of Monza, both Williams were able to make their way to Q3, because in the past, rain racing – in a friendly way – was not exactly the great strength of Williams. Massa also has no explanation for this. Helmut Marko already indicated that Stroll had driven with a lot of downforce. But this is not true according to Massa. "I think a few others have done this," Massa says, explaining, "If you look at the conditions today , then it's not just a team that's driven with more downforce. " Technician Paddy Lowe also assured: "We have adapted the car to a great extent for dry conditions." He recalls that the race should be dry on Sunday.

Grand Prix of Italy

"Bella Italia" has not missed a single time in 67 years of Formula One history. The first Grand Prix of Italy, however, is not held in the Royal Park, but on 4 September 1921 in the nearby Brescia. Already a year later the motorsport finds its new home in the Autodromo Nazionale, where Pietro Bordino (in the picture) with a FIAT for the triumph of the Tifosi celebrated premiere success. At that time sad motorsport everyday life: The day before the German Gregor kills Kuhn deadly.

"In the race, the points are spread," Lowe grins, admitting, "I will not pretend I have any idea why the car is strong or weak in the wet." He was simply "happy" that one had been so fast in qualifying. In the course of the race, it will be "very interesting" to study the reasons for the surprising speed in detail.Stroll itself seems to have on such questions – at least currently – not much interest. He is just looking forward to the best qualifying of his previous Formula One career. "I just put it together at the end, we were competitive during the whole session," the rookie laughs. Whether it can also call this performance on Sunday, however, remains to be seen.


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