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Federal Council: Swisscom to open glass fiber for competition

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Gadgets

The Federal Council of Switzerland wants to amend the Telecommunications Act in order to open the glass fiber of the competition in the event of a poor supply. The Federal Council announced this on 7 September 2017. Swisscom is particularly affected by this.

"In future, market-dominating providers should provide access not only to the traditional copper lines, but also to line-based connections based on new technologies (for example, glass fiber) ). "
Swisscom criticized the decision as "unnecessary and harmful". The network operator sees no need for a revision of the Telecommunications Act. "In the fixed network, customers can choose from up to three independent network infrastructures, including Swisscom networks, cable network operators and electricity utilities."
Sunrise: no competition in the country
Recently, for example, the cable network operator UPC had decided to bring its offers to the customers in the municipalities of Riehen and Lausanne via Swisscom networks. Swisscom invests around 1.7 billion Swiss francs (1.56 billion euros) annually and thus carries the bulk of all investments in Swiss telecom infrastructure. An expansion of the regulation would have the effect that the investments would concentrate on densely populated, urban areas.

Even in rural areas, customers would have to choose between several broadband offers and attractive prices, said the head of Sunrise. The revision is not only required by Suisse Digital, UPC, Sunrise and Salt, but also by Green, Init7 and VTX. Swissfax Net, the joint venture of local and regional energy suppliers in which cities and municipalities with an open fiber optic network are represented, as well as Openaxs, the association of Swiss electricity supply companies to promote open broadband networks, support the amendment of the law.


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